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Simmons College 

300 The Fenway 
Boston, MA 02115 

Grandma's Quilt 

I watched her aged pink lips 
mesmerized by the sound of her voice 
my small body hugged tightly 
enveloped by the soft fleece of my 
pink footsie sleeper. 

Once upon a time 

I am told my story began 

I follow her words eagerly awaiting the end 

her wrinkled hands stroking my baby fine hair 

sleep little girl 


dream little girl 


I force my weighty lids open 

and watch her place 

her quilt over my soul 

wrapped in strength, love, and courage 

I soar. 

Before me my reflection radiates 

my tiny fingers grasp tightly 

the silver handle of the looking glass. 

Behind me I watch 

the distant light in my bedroom flicker 

like a tired firefly ready to die. 

Gazing out the window 

someone's little girl 

red patent leather shoes 

wool tights 

a baby doll dressed like a ballerina 

clenched in her arms. 

My brown eyes follow the flight 

of a falling crimson leaf 

down the weathered cobblestone street 

onto a road unfamiliar and strange. 

My feet touch the ground 

the click of my heels 

silenced by the howl of the wind 

jack-o-lanterns point the way 

to an opening in a black wrought iron fence. 

I walk slowly at first 
shy among strangers 
I wrap grandma's quilt tighter around me. 

The strong hand of time 
rips the pages of the calendar 
one by one 
my seasons forced to change. 

The dark plump penguin shaped clouds in the sky 

open wide 

and tiny specs of snow fly between the glassy skyscrapers. 

I walk in the snowy footprints 
of those who came before me ■ 
trusting they will guide me 
to a place of my own. 

Old porcelain tea cups clink around me 

secrets, desires, and dreams 

flow from the delicate silver kettle 

some speak of tomorrow 

some speak of yesterday 

I sit quietly listening 

and come to know where I am. 

On an old oak desk 
a small lamp spotlights 
frayed notebook pages 
with a message of life 
scribbled in blinding red ink 

I read them and the hard leather 
bound books that cover the floor 
until the sun comes out again. 

All around me the green buds 
filled with life and brilliant colors 
drip jeweled drops 
of melting ice on the ground. 

In a puddle at my feet 

I look past myself 

and find my soul 

still covered by the intricate patches 

of my grandmother's quilt 

Above me the sunflowers bloom 

golden gleams shimmer 

shedding light on an opening 

the familiar black wrought iron fence. 

I reach out 

and unwrap myself 

folding the quilt into tiny squares 

locking it away in my heart 

for another winter night. 

Cindy Crandall 


M5 B- °hB 

16-65 ^^Sweniors 

'66-81 IHHHraent EvdH 

■R- flBRl&dent lM 

96- 113 Organizations 

114 '-I 2 ^S s p° rt ^^B 

128-135 The Classes 

1 36 A 57 Faculty 

1 5 8- 1 76 Advertisements 




Ctetw* ! 

. ■ ■ ■ ■ . '■• ' 

T'-Bfil ! wpv 

•>- •>* , 


— "g0Bt- 



T>» I 1 
■ "n f 1 

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' ■*'' 

,-,-■. ■■■... ... ,■., .... ■ 


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• . ■ * if 

llfllflllfff!! Mir 



wr^w, „ 

\ ^Hl .^> <>ai - *^ 




r •' *.*c* 












, «*«*"S 




"" ~ - m#>» m 

|M - 



hanks to Dr. Daniel Cheever who became the fifth 
president during our senior year in the fall 
of 1995. You came along during a time of 
turmoil and relieved us by being a beacon of light with 
your new plans for a better Simmons. You were first our 
interim president but soon became our friend. You were there 
to listen to our problems and to try to solve them. 
We dedicate this to you as appreciation for the warmth 
and concern you've given to us all. 


,: ■ - 




Rita Abdul-Massih 

Chantalle Alcante 

Mercy N. Alepidis 

"It's so lonely when you don't 

even know yourself." — RHCP 

Thank you Mom, Dad, Strato, 

Kenneth, all my close friends and 

the rest of the lounge lizards. 

Commuter Student 

Organization (sophomore rep., 

secretary, president); Commuter 

Student Adviser; Hellenic 

Association (vice president, 

president); Amnesty 

International (vice president) ; 

Orientation Leader 

Tara Susan Almeida 

Kristin Lyn Alzak 
International Business 

"Obstacles are things you see 
when you take your eyes off your 
goals." I couldn't have made it 
through college without the help 
and support of my family and 
friends. Thank you and I love 

Management Liaison; Student 
Alumnae Association (president: 
92- 93); Simmons in Cordoba 
Program (94); King C. Gillette 

Patricia Amirault 


I finally made it! Thanks Mom 
i & Dad! I wanna be the one to 

walk in the sun... 


Fatima U. Ansari 




Alison Babel 

Denise J. Arena 
International Relations 

Amanda Susan Baler 
Retail Management 

"Activities: None 

Sports: None 

Honors: None 

...ah so many memories." 

— Homer Simpson 

Thanks! to Ma & Dad, Mike & 
Ruth Ann, Jeff & Maria, Jay, 
Niki & Alyssa, Gretchen, Jenny, 
Ned & Brian, (of course) Jim. I 
love you all! 

Catherine K. Au 

Melissa Kaye Barmmer 




Kathleen Marie Barry 

Chariselle Amelie Anniebelle 


Computer Science/MIS 

Dear Midori! 

"With your farewell you take 

with you my heart." — Selena 

International Student Associatic 
(IC rep.) 


Kristen Elizabeth Beckley 

Backpacks tell a lot about a 

Crew (captain); Admissons 
Ambassador; Psychology 
teaching assistantship; Australia 
study abroad; Publicity Corps; 
Volunteer in Admissions; 
Psychology Liaison; Lincoln- 
Douglas debate judge (Winsor 

Keridwyn E. Boehne 
Political Science 

Courtney A. Bent 
Art History 

Alyssa Noel Brewer 

Cassie Beretis 

Paige E. Bronson 

Early Childhood Education/ 



Diana M. Brown 

I want to give thanks to everyone 

who has supported me like my 

family but first of all, I want to 

give thanks to God because he 

has given me the strength to 

succeed in Life. 

Nursing Liaison; National 
Student Nurses Association 

Marisol Calcano 

Karyn Lynn Brown 

Mom & Dad: thanks for 

everything, someday I'll try to 

repay you but don't hold your 

breath. Wish me luck with 

grad. school! 

Physics Liaison; PT Club 

Laurie Anne Bruinooge 

Public Relations/Marketing 


Sidelines (92-95, staff, art 

director, editor); Admissions 

Ambassador; Feminist Union 

Wendy Ann Campanella 

"Though there are clouds in 
the sky, you'll get by; you'll see 
the sun come shining through 
if you just smile." 

Crew (93-96, captain: 95-96) 

Janice Marie Carloni 
Physical Therapy 

"Experience is one thing you 
can't get for nothing." 
— anonymous 

APB (93-94); South Hall 
Council (social co-chair: 95); 
Mr. Simmons Committee (95) 


Olinda C. Carneiro 

Jo-Ann Marie Carpenter 

Biology/ African American 


Basketball (92-94, captain: 93- 

94); Field Hockey (92-94); 

Crew (92-93) 

Stacy Ann Cazeault 

Public Relations/Marketing 


"A minute's success pays the 

failure of years." 

— Robert Browning 

Kerri, Edita, Rupal: Thanks for 

the great memories and 

friendships that will last a 

lifetime. Rob: Here I come. I 

love you. Mom & Dad: Thank 

you for all your love and 

support. I love you. 

Crew (92-93) 


Frederick Celestin 

"Rien ne sert de courir il faut 

partir a point." — Les Fabels De 

la Fontaine 

"Knowledge is Power." 
— F. Bacon 

ISA (secretary: 95-96; publicity 

rep.); Psychology Liaison 

(secretary: 94-95); BSO 


Helen Chukwu 


Trelane Alcurtis Joette Clark 


American Studies 

Much love & respect to God, 

Grandma-Ma, Daddy, Beaver, 

Annie, Gina, Elois, Phyllis, 

Crissy, Sue, Nancy, Michael, 

Louise, Robin, Monica, Ghana, 

K-K, T-Tasha, & Big Poppa. All 

y'all helped me make it thru 

Babylon. Peace, love, and 

hairgrease xxoo 

APB (vice chair, lectures chair, 

1994 Outstanding Sophomore; 

1995 Outstanding Participant); 
SGA (secretary); Dir. of Student 

Activities Search Committee 

(student rep.); Who's Who 

(1995); The Simmons News 

("Realities" creator); Orientation 

Committee (assist, chair, 

entertainment committee head); 

Student Finance Board; Publicity 

Corps, BSO (social chair) 

Tyler K. Cohen 

Cindy Crandall 

English with concentration 

in writing 

I brake for penguins. 

Resident Advisor (93-96), 
Commencement Ball Commit- 
tee (co-chair); Commencement 
Speaker Selection Committee 
(co-chair); Dean's List; Sidelines 
( The Process); Microcosm '96 
{Grandma's Quilt); Success 

Carolyn Beth Crowley 
Graphic Design/Fine Art 

""I love jumping," said Roo. 
"Let's see who can jump 
farthest, you or me," said 
Tigger. "But we mustn't stop 
now, or we shall be late." "Late 
for what?" "For whatever we 
want to be in the time for," said 
Tigger, hurrying on." 
— The House at Pooh Corner 

Academy; Field Hockey (92-96, 
captain, National Academic 
Field Hockey Squad); WICI 
(publicity rep.); The Simmons 
News (art director: 94-95); 
Microcosm (senior section editor 
& design editor: 95-96); 
Dean's List (92-96); President's 
Scholarship; Senior/Faculty 
Banquet (co-chair); Spanish 
tutor; Who's Who; PI Calendar 

Christine Carol Collins 

"Whatever you can do, or dream 

you can, begin it. Boldness has 

genius, power and magic in it." 

— Goethe 

Simmons Crew (92-95); 

Microcosm (business manager: 

93-96); The Simmons News 

(business manager: 94-96); The 

Simmons News (reporter: 92-94); 

Resident Advisor (94-96); 

Economics Liaison (94-96) 

Kendra M. Cull 

Simmons Swimming and 
Diving (92); Nursing Liaison 
(92-96); National Student 
Nurses Association (93-96); 
Admissions Ambassador (94- 
95); Resident Advisor (94-96), 
Nursing Pinning Committee 
(spring 96) 


Donna Marie Daley 

Sidelines (92-96, publicity 

coordinator: 92-93, business 

manager: 94, editor-in-chief: 

94-96); Father/Daughter 

Weekend Committee 

(co-chair); Voice for the 

Voiceless; tutor for Farragut 

elementary school (93-94) 

Maria A. DaSilva 

"Happiness is like a butterfly, the 
more you chase it, the more it 
will elude you, but if you turn 
your attention to other things, it 
comes and softly sits on your 
shoulder." — unknown 

Sarah E. Daly 

"Great spirits have always 

encountered violent opposition 

from mediocre minds." 

— Albert Einstein 

"I am here to live out loud." 
— unknown 

Quadside Committee (vice 

president: 95-96); Chair of 

J. Board (95-96); TA for 

Bob White (94) 

Jennifer Theresa Devaney 

National Student Nurse 
Association; Nursing Liaison; 
Admissions Ambassador 

Christine Ellen Dangelo 



These four years have been the 
best. Thanks Bob for introduc- 
ing me to Communications. I 
love you Mom and Dad. I am 
now the creator of my own 
successes. Thanks for every- 

Crew; Father/Daughter 

Weekend Committee; The 

Simmons News (staff writer); 

Admissions Ambassador; WIG; 

Volunteer in Admissions 

L. /■•• 

Elizabeth Devokaitis 


Erika DiPaolo 
Nutrition/Food Science 

"How high I am, how much I 
see, how far I reach depends on 


Shelley S. Donati 

International Management/ 


Nicole Terese Donnelly 

jood luck to everyone, whatever 

the future holds, especially to 

GB, TM, AN, JM, KB. Thanks 

Mom & Dad for all your 

support. The Journey is better 

than the end! 

Basketball team (92-95, captain: 

93-95); Athletes' Council 

(92-96); Hall Council (92-95); 

Biology Liaison (94-96); 

Quadside Manager 



ErikaJ. Dowe 


Sara Anne Dunleavy 

Crew; The Simmons News (news 
editor, entertainment editor); 
WICI (programming director); 
Microcosm (writer); Sidelines 


Eva Karin S. Ernevad 

Quadside Cafe (treasurer); 
Biology Liaison 

Kimberly Anne Fitzgerald-Swan 
International Relations/History 

Thanks for everything Mom, 
Julie, Claire, and Grandfather. 
Beth Israel Hospital; History 
Liaison; Children's Hospital 
volunteer; Clinton/Gore 
Campaign volunteer 

Lakeitha Evelyn 

Susan Elizabeth Foley 
Political Science/ International 

Model United Nations (vice 
president: 94-95, president: 95- 
96); Student Alumnae Associa- 
tion (member: 94-95, 
vice president: 95-96); Political 
Science/International Relations 
Liaison (member: 94-96); Sailing 
(spring 95) 

Pamela A. FitzGerald 

Thanks for everything Mom! I 

love you! I couldn't have done 

this without you!! AM: my 

favorite roommate! DS: my 

lifetime friend! LP: The TJP 

co!! FEC: I'll love you forever 

and always! — 1 1.24.90 

The Simmons News (sports 

editor); Varsity Basketball Team 

(#35); Quadside (manager), 

Smith Hall Council 

(treasurer, secretary) 

Georgianna Forman 
Physical Therapy 

Happiness is always worth 
working hard for. 

Financial Aid Advisory Commit- 
tee; Senior Week Committee (co- 
chair); Physical Therapy Student 
Affairs Committee 


Michelle Marie Fowle 

Public Relations/Marketing 


"It is difficult to say what is 

impossible, for the dream of 

yesterday is the hope of today 

and the reality of tomorrow." 

— Robert H. Goddard 

I'd like to thank my family & 

friends for helping to make my 

dreams become realities. ILY 

(with all of my heart). Miss ya 


Track (co-captain); APB; Drama 
Club; South Hall Council (floor 


Erika Bridget Gasko 

Bethany Stuart Frankland 


"The only job for life is 
— University of PA 

Volunteer in Admissions; 

Hostess and Speaker Member of 

Financial Aid Advisory Board; 

Lifeguard; Swim Instructor 

Jennifer L. Gazaille 
Political Science 

Kristella Garcia 

Senior Student Interviewer 

Allison Barrett Gerry 


Jennifer Lynn Gill 
Physical Therapy 

Physics Liaison; soccer; aerobics; 
Physical Therapy Club 

Gretchen Gledhill 

Public Relations/Marketing 


When I look back on my 4 years 

at Simmons, I'll smile — through 

the tears, laughter, and comfort 

of close friends. I learned a lot 

and will never forget this 

special place! 

Sirens; Soccer (92-95); Mother/ 
Daughter & Father/Daughter 
Committee (co-chair), prospec- 
tive student overnight host, 
telemarketer (Alumnae Fund for 
Simmons Development Office); 
The Simmons News (entertain- 
ment editor: fall '95-spring '96) 

Amy Jean Goode 

Thank you Simmons faculty and 
staff. Thank you to my wonder- 
ful friends. Thank you and I love 
you — Mom, Bud, Dad, Jenny, 
Missy, Becky, Buddy, and 
Michael. I miss you Jenny, the 
light in your eyes will shine 
forever in our hearts. 

y .- I 

>jr* #?#-■*! 


Stephanie Arlene Gordon 

English Comparative 

Literature/ Political Science 

See you in dreams and perhaps 
at a picnic for inspired souls, or 
in a city of angels. . ." — Sark 

Smith Hall Council Advocate 

(92-93); Chorale (92-93); 

Swimming (manager: 92-93); 

Resident Advisor (Simmons & 

Smith Hall: 93-95); Sirens (93- 

95); Admissions Ambassador 

(94-96); Senior Student 

Interviewer (95) 


Michelle Kristen Grueter 

"I am only one but I am one. I 
cannot do everything, but I can 
do something. And because I 
cannot do everything, I will not 
refuse to do the something that I 
can do." — Edward Everett Itale 

Arnold Hall (president); 
Student Alumnae Association 
(president); Simmons 
Community Outreach (member, 
vice president, president) 


Angela Rae Hamel 
Physical Therapy 

"We cannot discover new oceans 

unless we have the courage to 

lose sight of the shore." 

— anonymous 

Basketball; Crew; 
Athletes' Council 

Kristen Carole Herborg 

I want to thank my parents for 
all the love and support they 
have given me during my four 
years at Simmons. There is also a 
very special person in my life 
who has truly been my best 
friend. Gary, I love you. 

Nursing Liaison; 
National Student Nurses 
Association; Commuter 
Student Organization 

Tracie Anne Hayes 

"All that I am or hope to be, I 
owe to my mother." — Abraham 


I would like to thank my family 

and friends for being supportive 

over these four years, but I would 

really like to thank my mom. I 

definitely couldn't have done this 

without you. Thank you Mom! I 

love you!!! 

Biology Liaison (secretary, senior 

year); Mesick Hall Council 

(second floor rep.: 93-94); South 

Hall Council (second floor rep.: 


Judith Hestnes 

Michelle Lisa Hennelly 
Marketing/Retail Management 

Thank you Simmons for helping 
me become a confident, strong 

woman. Thanks to my family for 
their support. I love you Mom! 
Watch out world, here I come! 

Hillel; Junior Mentor Program; 

Academy; Archives (employeee: 

94); Santander Spain trip with 

Spanish Dept. (Summer 95); NY 

Stock Exchange trip with 

Management Liaison/Griswold's 

finance class; Dean's List; 

Nutrition Liaison (93); MSPCA 

Animal Shelter volunteer 

Opal Hines-Fisher 


Rebecca Abbie Holmes 

To two of my best friends at 

Simmons: Ali and Steph — you 

both are so special to me — mere 

words are not enough! Love you 

tons and buckets! Let us always 

keep in touch! 

The Simmons News (staff writer); 

Quadside Committee (vice 

president: 93-94); Theatrical 

Society; Student Financial 

Advisory Board; Student 

Community Outreach 

Diana Y. Hu 

Public Relations/Marketing 


"star light, star bright, the first 

star i see tonight, i wish i may. i 

wish i might, make my wish 

come true tonight." ~k~kifk 

Dean's List (92-96); Sidelines 

(art director: 95-96); Microcosm 

(co-copyeditor: 95-96); Senior/ 

Faculty Banquet Committee 

(co-chair: 95-96); Publicity 

Corps (member: 93-95); Editing 

Copy and Proof tutor (94-95); 

Commencement volunteer 

(93-95); Asian Student 

Association (member: 92-94); 

President's Scholarship recipient 

Joy Lyn Hunzelman 

Mom, Dad, Erica, Boppie — 

Thank you for all your love and 


Biology & Pre-Med Liaison 

(president); Commencement 

Committee, Biology tutor; New 

England Regional Biological 


Rebecca Lynn Hyatt 
Elementary Education/Sociology 

Midori Ishihara 

International Student Association 
( President) 


Noelle Jacobsen 

"When you were growing up, did 
you know what you wanted to 
be? A mother? A lawyer? 
President of the United States? A 
secretary? A gymnast? A 
veterinarian? A doctoi ? A 
glittering success? And did you 
know that whatever your path, 
something inside you would 
always shine through?" 

Academy; Class of 1 996 
(president 95-96, secretary: 94- 
95); Biology/Pre-Med Liaison; 
Success Connection; Boston City 
Hospital ER Patient Advocate 
volunteer; Smith Hall Council 
(social chair); Commencement 
Speaker Selection Committee 
(contact); Admissions Ambassa- 
dor; Farragut Elementary 
afterschool tutor, Who's Who 

Heather Louise Jennings 

Economics Liaison (92-96, co- 
resident: 94-95, president: 95- 
96); Commencement Speaker 
Selection Committee; 
Financial Accounting and 
Economics tutor 

Meryn Johnson 

rhank you Mom, Dad, Keith, 

and Ricky for all your love, 

support, and guidance. I 

/ouldn't have made it without 

all of you! Best of luck to 

all my friends and the nursing 

class of '96! 

National Student Nurses 
Association; Nursing Liaison 

Jhovanna M. Kawas 



Janet Eve Kemble 

Art and Music Liaison 

Kathryn Lynn Kennedy 
Spanish/Education (ESL & 

"What lies behind us and what 
lies before us are tiny matters 
compared to what lies within 
us." — Oliver Wendall Holmes 

No dejas para manana lo que 
puedes hacer hoy. "No es pobre 
el que tiene poco, sino el que 
desea mas do lo que tiene." — 


Keiko Kibune 

International Relations/ 


Marie E. Koehler 

Amy Laura Klotz 
Economics/Political Science 

Love and thanks to Mom, Dad, 

and Shirley. I couldn't have 

done it without you! 

Hillel (co-president, secretary, 

regional rep.); Class of 1996 

(secretary: 93-94); Political 

Science Liaison (secretary); 

Admissions Ambassador; 

Economics Liaison; Orientation 


Karen Elizabeth Krzywda 
Physical Therapy 

"It is hard to fail, but it's worse 
never to have tried to succeed." 
— Theodore Roosevelt 

Field Hockey (captain); 
Basketball; Simmons Commu- 
nity Outreach; Simmons in 
Cordoba, Spain (spring 1995); 
Athletes' Council 

Dawn Marie Knutson 

Psychology Liaison (secretary); 

TA for Introduction to 


Sarah Elisabeth Kuusela 

What a long strange trip it's 


Kit Ling Lai 

Communications with 

emphasis in filmmaking 

Debra Lyn Lary 

Field Hockey (92-96); Track 
(92-93); Hall Council (92-95); 
Management Liaison (secretary: 
95-96); Junior Mentor Program 
(94-95); Mentor Shadowing 
Program (95-96) 

Emmy S. Lakis 

Hellenic Association 

Jessica Ann Leavell 

Thank you Mom, Dad, and 
Heather. I could not have made 
it this far without you. Look out 
world, here I come. 

Michelle Landry 

Kara LeBlanc 

"A small glance backward, A full 
gaze forward, With hopes and 
dreams, And a passion for life, I 
embrace my future!" 
— Joyce May LeBlanc 

Thanks to all of my loved ones 
for your guidance and support. 
Without you, I would not be 
where I am today. You have 
helped make all of the hopes and 
dreams a reality! 

Field Hockey (92-96, captain: 
93-96); Athletes' Council (93- 
96); Nutrition Liaison (95-96) 


Jennifer Cathleen Lee 
Spanish/Education and ESL 

"Como teves, yo me vi — Como 

me ves, te veras — Todo para en 

esto aqui; — piensalo y no 

pecaras." — Las Ermitas, 


Admissions Ambassador 

(93-94); Sirens (93-94); 


Weekend Committee (95) 

Travinia Lee 

Life is such a beautiful and 

fascinating thing I say! Take 

good care of it! Thanks for my 

family support. Dad especially!! 

Good times :) Bad times :( BC, 


SYBIGSIS, 122192 

HOJOSHUNT, 123192 


595 REUNSH, "TREE." 

Asian Student Association (IC 
rep.: 93-94, president: 94-95) 

Brit Elin Lerstein 

Lounge Lizard! Designer Cakes 

for CSO. Dancing with 

Daffodils. "Where's Christine?" 

Syracuse, New Orleans, 

Montreal. . .Paris? Straight off the 

boat! Deconstruct New 

Historisism! "Should I be writing 

this down?" 

Commuter Student Organiza- 
tion (senior rep.); Education 
Liaison; Dean's List; Academy 


V * , 




w# , 73J%« 

i v,-. 



'■^SS-.^.. ,::j^ ;:;: %;;w.,._ 

' .-! W 


^. '■• 

• • 

>*f *: 

Jennifer M. Lyons 

"Success: To laugh often and 

much; to win the respect of 

intelligent people and the 

affection of children; to earn the 

appreciation of honest critics 

and endure the betrayal of false 

friends; to appreciate beauty; to 

find the best in others; to leave 

the world a little bit better, 

whether by a healthy child, a 

garden patch or a redeemed 

social condition; to know even 

one life has breathed easier 

because you have lived. This is 

to have succeeded." — Ralph 

Waldo Emerson 

Tamara Leigh MacArthur 


Samantha Ann Mahoney 

"I'd like to stay but I couldn't 

stay with you. I have to go, I 

have a lot I want to do. Pleasures 

be waiting by the sea with a 

smile for all the world to see." 

Class of 1996 (vice president: 

95-96); Student Alumnae 

Association (co-president); 

Sailing; Management Liaison; 

Arnold Hall Council (treasurer: 


Coleen M. Martin 

"Life only demands from you the 
strength you possess. Only one 
feat is possible — not to have run 
away." — Hammarskjiold 

Simmons Health Rep.; Nursing 
Liaison; Nursing Student Nurse 
Association; Track; Cross 

Rebecca L. Malley 

Alexandra C. Massoud 

"Don't compromise yourself. 
You are all you've got." 
— Janis Joplin 

Smith Hall Council (president, 
I social chair; Peer Leader for first 
J year students 

Anne Katherine Marinelli 

We're going places, but we'll 

never forget from where we 

came. . .Thanx to all my friends: 

I love you all! Mom, Dad, 

Cora. . .1 made it! Thanx. I luv 


Crew (92); Admissions 

Ambassador (94); Psychology 

Liaison (vice president: 94); 

Mother/Daughter Weekend 

Committee (95); Senior Activity 

Committee (95) 

J,h/'WC B sis 

Katherine M. McAndrew 
Political Science/History 

Thanks Mom & Dad for all of 
your support (emotional & 
financial)! For El, the best little 
sister. Tara, thanks for being the 
best roommate & friend, thanks 
for being there. "Wanna go to 
Quadside?" Amy, Jean: I'm so 
glad to have a friend like you! 
Nicole: I'm so glad to have a 
friend as loud as you! And to 
Devon, thanks for being by my 
side all these years. "If I am not 
for myself, who will be? If I am 
not for others, what am I?" 

Simmons Hall Council (vice 
president: 92-93); Political 
Science Liaison 


Sarah Elizabeth McFall 

'We have nothing to fear but 
fear itself." 

Volunteer in Admissions; 
Management Liaison 

Amy L. Merrill 
Graphic Design/Art 

"So never give in," continued the 
girl, & restated again & again the 
vague yet convincing plea that the 
Invisible lodges against the 
Visible. Her excitement grew as 
she tried to cut the rope that 
fastened Leonard to the earth." 

Crew; Hall Council (94-95); 
Class of 1996 (secretary: 95-96); 
Sidelines (92-94); Art & Music 
Liaison (92-96); Admissions 

Alyson Carey McGowan 

"Reach for the unattainable." 

Thank you Mom and John, Dad 

and Carol for all your love and 

support. Thanks to all the 

wonderful friends I've made with 

whom friendships will last 


Field Hockey (93-95); Quadside 

Committee; Biology Liaison (vice 


Ilyce A. Mildwurf 

Thanks for all the support! I love 
you Mom, Dad, Sam & the rest 
of the Brady Bunch. To my 
friends: (you know who you are) 
this is not goodbye — I love you 
all. To RJC: you made the Circle 
complete. LATER ON PART- 

Tennis (92-95, captain: 94-95); 
Father/Daughter Weekend 
Committee (94), J-Board (93- 
94); Feminist Union (92-94); 
Athletes' Council (93-95); 
Mother/Daughter Weekend 
Committee (95); Senior Class 
Gift Committee (95-96); 
Education Liaison 

Nadean A. Meredith 
Computer Science 


Dulcinea Misiaszek 

"A little rebellion is a good 
thing." — Thomas Jefferson 

Varsity Swimming & Diving 
team (co-captain); Athletes' 
Council; Mother/Daughter 
Weekend Committee; 
Newsletter Writer (Class of 
1996); Microcosm photographer 


Corinne May Mitchell 

Thanks go to God and my family 

for getting me through these four 

years. Here is my favorite 

scripture. Jeremiah 29: 11,13 — 

"For I know the plans I have for 

you, plans to prosper you and 

not to harm you, plans to give 

you a hope and a future." 13 — 

You will seek me and find me 

when you seek me with all your 

heart," declares the Lord. 

Meenaz A. Mohammedali 

Economics Liaison 

Christina A. Monroe 


»♦:,« *| 





"' BK 


//""^ I 

Daniela L. Morales 
Retail Mangement 

Madilin Morales 
English Literature 


Katherine Elizabeth Mulcahy 
Public Relations/Marketing 

"Many times I've wondered, 
how much there is to know." 

Activities Programming Board; 
Smith Hall Council 

Amy Leigh Neilson 

The test of your character is 
what it takes to stop you. 

Class of 1996 (treasurer: 95-96) 

Mary Elizabeth Mullen 
Economics/Public Relations/ 
Marketing Communications 

Activities Programming Board 
(Chief Officer) 

Alyssia Newton 
Fine Art 

"Mickey's a mouse, Donald's a 
duck, Pluto's a dog — so what's 

Academy; Commencement 
Speaker Selection Committee 
(co-chair); The Simmons News 
(production manager: 95); Art 
Liaison (president: 95-96, vice 
president: 95),WICI, Dix Hall 
J-Board rep. (93-94), Microcosm 
(photography editor: 95) 

Tara L. Murray 

To my family, thank you for all 

your love, support, & guidance 

through the past 4 years. 

Katherine, you are the best 

roommate & friend anyone 

could ask for and to all my 

friends— Kim, AG, JL, ND, 

AN, DS — thanks for making 

these the best 4 years of my life. 

Hall Council (activities 

planner); Eastern N.E. 

Biological Conference Planning 


Mai Mai Ng 


Katherine Esther Nocivelli 

Public Relations/Marketing 


Thanks for everything, Fam! I 

love you. Save the Manatees and 

drive a John Deere. 

The Simmons News; Publicity 
Corps; WICI 

Wendy Olson 

Julie Lyn O'Connor 

Thanks to Mom, Dad, & Jason 

for all your support! GG, IM, 

ED, AM, JS, JP, & KK— I'll 

miss you. Thanks for all the fun. 

Good luck to Simmons soccer! 

Soccer (92-95, captain: 94-95); 

Athletes' Council (93); 

Mother/Daughter Weekend 

Committee (95) 

Karen Lynn O'Reilly 

Field Hockey (92-96); 
All-Conference Field Hockey 
Player (95) 

Kelly M. O'Connor 
Physical Therapy 

Life deals you a variety of cards. 
You learn to pick and choose 
wisely if you want to survive the 

Chorale; Physical Therapy Club; 
Admissions Ambassador 

Lilia Ortiz 


Edita Outericka 

"The way I see it, if you want the 

rainbow, you gotta put up with 

the rain." To my friends: thanks 

for all the memories! Jet: you're 

#1! Thanks for everything Mom, 

Dad, and Pat — I love you! 

Dix Hall Council (floor rep.: 92- 

93, issues rep.:93-94, secretary: 

94-95); Senior/Faculty Toast 

(chair); Mother/Daughter 

Weekend Committee; Freshman 

Orientation Committee; 

Economics Liaison; 

Pre-Med Liaison 

Lisa Ann Pacella 

"All of life may be a fantasy, so be 

comfortable in the part 

you pick and play it well." 

— unknown 

Sondra Pachucki 

"Success is to be measured not so 

much by the position that one 

has reached in life, but by the 

obstacles which she has overcome 

while trying to succeed." 

— Booker T. Washington 

Thanks to my family and friends 

who have always supported me 

through my triumphs and 

defeats. I've made my mark, now 

I'm ready to conquer the 

real world! 

Nursing Liaison; National 

Student Nurses Association; 

Admissions: High School 

Alum Program 


Regan Amanda Page 
Physical Therapy 

"So be sure when you step. Step 

with care and great tact, and 

remember that Life's a Great 

Balancing Act." Mom, Darrell, 

Jason, and friends, thank you 

for your love, support, and 

above all, patience. With the 

right kind of support, anything 

is possible!! 

Study Group Leader (Biology, 
Anatomy, and Physiology) 

Suk Ying Pang 

Always get up even when you are] 
down! Always believe in yourself 
when others are in doubt. 

Asian Student Association (vice 
president, acting president: 95- 
96, SGArep.:93-94) 


Kate Elizabeth Parsons 

"Everything always gets 

done. . .go to bed!" — Mom 

Nursing '96, We made it! 

Beanpotters, miss ya. Montreal 

a'/MA (t). Cowgirls. Faux pax w/ 

LM.VAL, FL,etc...B+A, L, 

R+G. Tower w/PD. Rm 425 

Crowd +Apt Gals (Luv ya) . 

Ireland w/MM. Punters w/ 

Chiefs.Mike/ME.Tim(6+). . .and 

I will keep singing (no bongos)!! j 

Freshman Orientation (93-95); 
Nursing Liaison (secretary: 
93-94); SGA Rep.; SAA (SGA 
rep.); Catholic Student 
Association (PR rep.); Student 
Advisors on Multiculturism; 
Nursing tutor; Most Outstand- 
ing Junior; Success Connection; 
Nursing Pinning Committee 

C. Michelle Perez 

Dix Scholar; Nurtition 
Liaison (president); Senior 
Gift Committee 

Rupal Navin Patel 
Nutrition/Food Science 

Thanks for everything Mom, 

Dad, and Dipa. I love you. "I am 

the master of my fate, I am the 

Captain of My Soul." — William 

Ernest Henley 

Tennis team (92); Nutrition 
Liaison (95) 

Kerri Ann Peterson 

"Always remember to forget 
the troubles that passed your 
way. But never forget to 
remember the blessings that 
come each day." Thank you to 
my family & friends for 
always being there for me. 
Mom, Dad, Carol, Johnny, & 
Kevin. I love you!! 

Mother/Daughter Weekend 
Committee (chair); Biology 
Liaison; Senior/Faculty Toast 

Christine Rose Pearson 

Lounge Lizard! Syracuse, New 

Orleans, Montreal... Paris? "Has 

anybody seen Brit?" Funky cakes 

for CSO. New Historisism over 

Deconstruction. "Danny, could 

you do me a favor?" Coffee!!! 

Commuter Student 

Organization; History Liaison; 

Dean's List; Media Assistant; 

Single Motherhood 

Pholida Phengsomphone 
Sociology/ESL Education 

Asian Student Association 


Lise Marie Piazza 
Retail Management 

Rozina A. Pirani 

Nicole Pierce 5* 

"It's a long long road. It's a big 

big world. We are wise wise 

women. We are giggling girls." 

— Ani Difranco 

WICI; Feminist Union; 
Admissions Ambassador 

Jacquelyn Barbara Poirier 
Physical Therapy 

"The greatest success is the 
one you risk the most to 

SAA (secretary); Physics 
Liaison; Hall Council; Field 

Guerda Pierre 

Jill Marie Portway 
Elementary Education/ 

For my many wonderful 
friends "...these fragile times 
shall never slip us by. A time 
you never can or shall erase. As 
friends together watch their 
childhood fly." — Elton John 
". . .And I'll run naked through 
the streets without my mask 
on and I will never need 
umbrellas in the rain. . ." 
— Tori Amos 

Class of 1996 (vice president: 
92-93, president: 93-94); 
Crew (92-93); Simmons 
College Upward Bound; Voice 
for the Voiceless 


Amy Elizabeth Pretak 

Sirens (92-95, president: 93-94, 
music director: 94-95) 

Andrea Proyous 
Sociology/Human Services 

Nanette L. Racette 
Arts Administration 

Art and Music Liaison 

■'■ ■ ; ® 



■' "%» 

i: lii% 

Eileen P. Reining 

Kimberly Lynn Richard 

"You can't be brave if you have 
only had wonderful things 
happen to you." 
— Mary Tyler Moore 

Psychology Liaison (president); 
Transfer Liaison (member); 
Orientation Staff; Academy; 
Varsity Sailing 


Guillet Rivera 

Management Liaison 

Holly Ann Ruth 
Arts Administration 

"Hakuna Matata" 

Smith Hall Council (president: 
95-96); Activities Programming 
Board (93-94) 

Amy Isabell Rivero 

Air Force Reserve Officers 
Training Corps 

Sadaf T. Salam 
Graphic Design 

Muslim Student Association 
(treasurer); Asian Student 
Association; Commuter Student 
Organization; International 
Student Association 

Jennifer H. Rothenburg 

Psychology Liaison 

Dawn E. Schafrer 

Simmons Hall Council (vice 
president); Economics Liaison 


Amy Schoenberg 
Physical Therapy 

Amy Elizabeth Sheeley 

Thank you Mom & Dad, I 
love you. Good luck everyone! 
Have fun next year. Karen, 
Dolores, Heather, & 
Laurene — I'll miss you guys. 

Nutrition Liaison 

Carrie A. Sealine 

Elementary/Early Childhood 


Irina Seliverstov 

Jessica Simpson Shipps 
Political Science 

"Well, personally, I've seen 
enough of people who die for an 
idea. I don't believe in heroism; 1 1 
know it's easy and I've learnt it 
can be murderous. What 
interests me is living and dying 
for what one loves." 
— Albert Camus 
To my partners upstairs, to my 
fellow Thursday night junkies, 
and to all my dear friends (you 
know who you are) — I love you 
guys. Without our sessions, we 
never would have made it. To 
Mom, Bill, and my family: thank 
you for the love and support. 
Good luck Class of 1996! 

Soccer (captain: 94-95); Political 
Science Liaison (president: 93- 
96); Senior Class Gift Campaign; 
J-Board rep.; Basketball; 
Athletes' Council 

Joanna Sieh 
International Business/ 


Shannon Marie Skroback 

Public Relations/Marketing 


Administrative Assistant for the 
Communications Department 

Kathryn E. Snow 
Physical Therapy 

Friends are like a warm blue sea; 
they splash laughter into your 


Volleyball; Athletes' Council; 
Physical Therapy Club 

Kelly Spiridis 
English/ESL Education 

'Life is like a piano; what you 

get out of it depends on how 

you play it." 

Chorale; Sirens; Hellenic 

Association; Admissions 

Volunteer; Math tutor 




Ellen Harriet Sturgeon 

International Relations/ 


Big Sister/Little Sister Program 

with Sister Caroline School; 

Volunteer in Admissions; 

Foreign Language Liaison; 

LIFEsavers; International 

Relations Big Sister/Little Sister 



Sherry Suprenaut 

"As you go the way of life, you 
will see a great chasm. Jump. It 
is not as wide as you think." 
(old Indian proverb) 

"From success you get a lot of 
things, but not that great inside 
thing that love brings you." — 
Sam Goldwyn 

Voice for the Voiceless 
(president: 94-96); Philosophy 
Liaison (treasurer: 95-96); 
National Model United Nations 
(93-94); Intervarsity Christian 
Fellowship (92-93); Chemistry 
and Statistics tutor (93-94) 


Heather Jude Tabor 

"Your ship won't come in 'til 

you row to meet it. . ." To AM, 


MF, JS, IM, KK, AND JL— you 

all are FABULOUS, 

Best of luck!!! 

Management Liaison (president: 
95-96, vice president: 94-95); 
Student Alumnae Association 
(member: 95-96); Mother/ 
Daughter Weekend Committee; 
South Hall Council (issues rep.: 
93-94, sports rep.: 92-93); 
Freshman Orientation Commit- 
tee (member: 93); Crew (92-93) 

Sarah Ann K. Tewen 

"One can never consent to creep 
when one feels an impulse to 
soar." — Helen Keller 

Theatrical Society (93-95); 
Transfer Liaison (93-95); 
Orientation Committee (94-95); 
Psychology Liaison (treasurer: 95- 
96); Psychology teaching assistant 

Maysa Mahmoud Tamimi 
Computer Science/Math 

Abigail Thomforde Thomas 

Sociology Liaison (vice president) 

Tamika Rochelle Taylor 

But not to acknowledge is 
dismissing who you are and 
where you came from. I bleed 
Cherokee. I bleed African. 
But I also bleed red blood! 
— expression of my music 

The Simmons News (managing 

editor); BSO (secretary); Sirens; 

Publicity Corps; Honor Board 


Bridget Kathleen Tobin 

"I have more memories than if I 
were a thousand years old." — 
Charles Baudelaire 

Nursing Liaison; National 
Student Nurses Association 



Kieuchinh T. Tran 

Laura J. Ulmschneider 
Physical Therapy 

Physical Therapy Liaison 

Kira Tsivkin 
Computer Science 

Alia Urman 

Meghan M. Tuxbury 

Kelly Michelle Vasseur 

Thank you Mom & Dad. You 
have given me the best gift. Love 
always, Angie & Scarecrow 

Volunteer in Admissions; 
Father/Daughter Weekend 
Committee; Arnold Hall 
Council (vice president); 
Psychology Liaison; Catholic 
Student Organization 


Tachawan Vasuratna 
Art/Graphic Design 


I've never skiied before but I 

wanted to learn how to 

snowboard. It was said to me, 

"Just concentrate on being the 

board" and I mounted my board 

and shot down the slope riding 


e air around me. 

Deborah A. Walsh 
Physical Therapy 

"Never put off till tomorrow 

what you can do the day after 

tomorrow just as well." To those 

who know this best in me: my 

friends & family; (especially 

you, Mom & Dad) thank you 

for your love, support, & 

patience in helping me to 

achieve my dreams, the greatest 

of which is making you proud. 

I love you. Remember, we must 

have humor! 

Volleyball (92-96, captain: 

94-96); Student Alumnae 



Holly Marie Walsh 

"To believe in your dreams you 

must first believe in yourself." 

To Ma, Dad, Shawn, Kevin, 

and Chief: Thank you all for 

everything. You've given me so 

much. I love you! To HR, CW, 

KW, MF, HT, CP: Thanks for 

the uncountable good times. 

Good luck in everything you do! 

Academy; Management 

Liaison (treasurer: 95-96, 

secretary: 94-95) 

Jacqueline Marie Walsh 

Thank you to all of my friends 
and family for the love and 
support you have given me over 
the past four years. I couldn't 
have it done without you! 

Chorale; Nursing Liaison 


Valerie Ann Warrino 

Always remember my good 

friends and Morse Hall room 

03. Good luck to all my friends 

and the Class of '96. 

Nursing Liaison (93-96); 

Admissions Ambassador (93- 

5); Swimming (92-94); Class of 

1996 (treasurer: 92-94) 

Jodi L. Warshafsky 

Latasha T. Washington 

Political Science/International 


Thanks to my heavenly Father 

who has watched over and 

lessed me with the strength and 

ability to carry on. Mom for all 

your support, love and under- 

:anding, I love you dearly. Niki, 

smile I love you! T. Clark, once 

a hoochie always a hoochie! We 

did it now the world awaits us! 

Sue (Bartol) thanks for all the 

preferential treatment (apple 

pies). K. Ratliff, T. Jones, 

McLennan, T. Clark, Mom, 

Derrick, Niki. I love U guys 

dearly. Simmons, See Ya!!! 

)ix Hall Council (treas.: 92-93); 

BSO (92-95, alum rep.: 94-95); 

APB (pres.: 94-96); Chair/ 

Spokesperson for IR Senior 

Seminar Slavery Memorial 



Leah M. Waxman 

Early Childhood Education/ 


"Back where I come from, we 

have universities, seats of 

learning — where men go to 

become great thinkers, and 

when they come out, they think 

deep thoughts — and with no 

more brains than you have — 

but! they have one thing you 

haven't got! A diploma." 

— The Wizard to the Scarecrow 

in The Wizard of Oz 

Jeanette Carolyn Weed 
Early Childhood Education/ 

Do not resist changes, a clear 
new day is dawning. Don't 
worry about the bumps and 
bruises, find your own way in 
the world. Appreciate beauty 
and find the best in others. Do 
your best to make the world a 
better place. 

Amnesty International 
(secretary: 94); Quadside 
Committee (94) 


Erika N. Wilson 

Karyn Anne Zaharakes 

"Live all you can; it's a mistake 

not to. It doesn't so much 

matter what you do in 

particular, so long as you have 

your life. If you haven't had 

that, what have 

you had? 

— Henry James 

"Thanks for everything, Mom!" 

Nursing Liaison; National 
Student Nurses Association 

Susan Zieha 









Plans for the renovation of the 
Student Activities Center in the 
basement of the MCB were begun 
by the 1991-1992 Student Government 
Association. After years of planning, 
project development, and fundraising, 
construction began during the summer of 
1995. After packing everything up and 
working out of the Counseling Center for 
the summer, the SAC staff, along with the 
many student organizations, was finally 
able to move back to the new center in 
late August. The new Student Actvities 
Center was dedicated on Sept. 30, 1995 as 
a part of Family Weekend. 

Above: The SAC in the midst of renovations. 

Right:: Jeannie Siobal greets people people with a 
smile at the Information Desk 



Above: The new office for The Simmons News. 

Left: Current SGA president Jill Justin, Dean of Student Life 
Sheila Murphy, and 1993-1994 SGA president Jill Minsky cut 
the ribbon during the SAC dedication. 

Below: The first student to be caught sleeping in the lounge area 
of the new Student Activities Center. 



Above: Family members helped lug boxes as the class of 1 999 
moved onto campus. 

Above: Cooperation helped get some of the tougher jobs of 
moving into the residence halls done. 

Below: Orientation Leaders Linda 
Veneziae helped greet new students at 
check-in. Here the newest members 
of the Simmons community receive 
packets of information on the 
Orientation program. 

Right: New students, their 
families and friends kicked off 
1995's Orientation on 
Sunday as they helped with 
the necessities needed to 
make the residence halls seem 
more like home. 

Above: Alumnae Hall was packed as students from Simmons and 
area colleges took their chances during Casino Night. 

Mosaic was the theme for Orientation 
1995, a program unlike any from the 
past few years at Simmons. Orienta- 
tion Leaders spent countless hours in preparation; 
they took on the role of not only coordinating 
events, but they also played a bigger part. By 
being responsible, often along with another leader, 
for a specific group of incoming students, each 
Orientation Leader was able to get to know the 
new students better than in past years. This new 
Orientation format also gave the new students the 
benefit of having someone specific to turn to with 
questions and concerns. The week, planned and 
run by Orientaion Coordinator Catherine Kinney 
and Asst. Coordinator Malikah Ash, was packed 
with activities that kept students too busy to miss 
home. Highlights of the week included a very 
successful Casino Night, Playfair, and a day of 
community service. 


w ^f the chains 

Above: Amber Grenetz and Amy Merrill sell 
baked goods and beverages to lookers at the 
Head of the Charles Regatta. 

Right and lower right: Simmons 
alum and current students gather 
to watch the world-famous race. 

Every year the three-mile Head of the 
Charles Regatta attracts hundreds of 
thousands of spectators to the banks of 
the Charles River. For thirty-one years, 
rowers and their coaches have traveled from 
different parts of the world to race. 
October 22, 1995 marked Simmons seven- 
teenth time in the prestigious regatta. The 
team entered two boats in different categories. 
A varsity boat was placed in the club eight 
division and a mixed varsity and novice boat 
was in the club four category. 
The varsity boat came in 24th out of thirty-six 
boats with a time of 18:48.72 minutes. The 
mixed boat came in 30th out of forty-seven 
boats with a time of 21:44.97 minutes. 

-Sara Dunleavy 


lonshiD vio__ w 

cvv/areness w 


Approximately 95% of the victims of battering are women (U.S. Department of Justice, 

More than 50% of women are battered at some time in their lives (Peachey, 1988). 

On average, 10 women a day are killed by their batterers (National Organization for 
Women, 1987). 

In Massachusetts, on average, a woman was killed by her batterer every 22 days in 1990, 
every 16 days in 1991, and every 9 days in 1992 (Massachusetts Caucus of Women 
Legislatures, May 12, 1992). 

Battering accounts for more injuries to women than car accidents, muggings, and rapes 
combined (Stark and Flitcraft, 1985). 

In 1986, 30% of female homicide victims were killed by their husbands or boyfriends 
(Uniform Crime Reports, FBI, 1987). 

The nation's police spend approximately one-third of their time responding to domestic 
violence calls. {Domestic Violence: A Guide for Health Care Professionals, New Jersey 
Department of Community Affairs, 1990). 

In one study, battering accounted for 25% of all suicide attempts by women, and 50% 
of all suicide attempts by black women (Stark, Flitcraft, et al., 1981). 

Statistics provided by the Simmons College Health Center from "A Guide for Health 
Care Providers," Massachusetts Department of Public Health, 1992. 

Artwork by Erin Morrow 


vjtxIlJLA wcc 

Above: Guinevere Turner, writer and producer of 
Go Fish, talked about the film and answered 
questions students had. 

, ,;■■ s:«' ; >">- '<■■■;.•' 

mMP". >m ^m:m 

Gay And Lesbian Awareness week was kicked off 
on Friday October 13 with a "Career Issues 
for Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual" workshop 
facilitated by Margaret Shue of the Career Resource 
Library. Ongoing Videos dealing with Gay and Lesbian 
issues were show throughout the week in the Fens 
Lobby. A panel presentation "Making Schools Safe for 
Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Youth," a Philosophy chat 
on "Homosexuality and Religion," an All Campus Tea 
dealing with being "out" at school, and numerous video 
discussions were part of the week's activities. The week 
ended with the film Go Fish and a special appearance 
and discussion by the film's actress, screenplay writer 
and filmmaker Guinevere Turner. 

Above: Gretchen Gledhill, Entertainment Editor for the 
Simmons News, gets Nora Lambert's reaction to the film Go 

Left: Go Fish seemed to be a hit with everyone. 




Mother/Daughter Weekend is a tradition 
in which Simmons women take part 
during their senior year. Mothers 
come to visit for a weekend and relive their college 
days or stay up late chatting about old times and 
creating new ones. 

The weekend started with a welcoming reception 
held in Evans Hall living room. Saturday, moth- 
ers and daughters joined others at The Colonnade 
Hotel for brunch. In the evening, there was a 
choice of a one man comedy act Jimmy Tingel or 
a magical night under the stars on the Spirit of 
Boston. On a beautiful Sunday morning brunch 
was held at President Cheever's house, a nice 
closing to this wonderful weekend. 
Mother/Daughter Weekend is a special time every 
year when seniors bond with their moms or the 
other important women who have influenced their 
lives. As seniors, we are on our way to establishing 
lives for ourselves; marriages, careers, and families 
of our own may be in the near future. Mothers 
and other strong female guardians are the corner- 
stone for a lot of women and this weekend is a 
chance for that bond to continue. 
Thank you to all who participated in this unfor- 
gettable weekend. A special thanks goes out to co- 
chairs Jill Portway and Kerri Peterson who, along 
with the Mother/Daughter committee helped to 
make this weekend so enjoyable. 

- Gretchen Gledhill 

Right: Mothers and 
daughters enjoy 
themselves over good 
food and conversa- 

Below: Edita 
Outerericka and her 
mother Bozena listen 
intentely to the speaker 
at the welcoming 

Above: Sam Mahoney 



Above and above right: The African Dance Performance 
in the Fens during the Potluck Banquet. 

Below: Celebrating the success of Kwanzaa week. 

K wanzaa is a seven day 
celebration created by 
. Black Studies professor 
Dr. Malvana Karenga. The 
focus of the Kwanzaa celebra- 
tion, the kinara, holds a candle 
for each day of the week. The 
candles represent the seven 
principles of Kwanzaa: unity, 
self determination, collective 
work and responsibility, coop- 
erative economics, purpose, 
creativity, and faith. 
The Black Student Organiza- 
tion sponsored a week full of 
events from Nov. 27- Dec. 3 to 
celebrate Kwanzaa. The week 
was kicked off with a lecture by 
Angela Paige Cook and ended 
with a very successful Potluck 
Banquet and African Dance 
Performance in the Fens. Other 
events of the week included a 
showing of Daughters of the 
Dust and a mini-mall. 




ay ball 

The 15th annual Valentine's 
Ball was held on Friday, 
February 9, 1996 at the 
Boston Park Plaza Hotel. As in years 
past, the night was a tremendous 
success. Whether they danced the 
night away or just sat , relaxed and 
enjoyed the delicious food, everyone 
loved having the opportunity to get 
dressed up and have fun! 

Right: Don't we look so cute? 

Above: These two couples took some time off the dance floor to relax and 
pose for the camera. 

Right: Sophomore Class President Regina Hill and her date look like 
they're having a great time. 

world events 



'-,S: ' 

.:.::»■ ■-■:-■■ ■■:.-.■ ::::::« 








Above: How do we look for a night out on the town? 



Year built: 1951 
Located -at: 78 Pilgrim Road 
Occupancy: 111 students 
Memorable events: Absolute 
Arnold, on-going clothing drive 
for a homeless shelter, Mocktails 
(alcohol workshop), Black 
History Month film series, 
homophobia workshop, A Day in 
NYC trip, Nutrition Night, 
Valentine's Day cards for 
Children's Hospital, Hall t-shirt 
contest, trip to the circus, and 
endangered animals workshop 

Above: Smile!! 

Left: Studying in the dorms is 
often done in the lounge where 
you're not stuck in your room. 

• • » 



Year built: 1953 
Located at: 30 Pilgrim Road 
Occupancy: 110 

Special features/memorable events: 
limited visitation hours on the first 
floor, bagel brunches, mixers, work- 
shops, Holiday Party, and A Day in 
NYC trip 

Right: This is what you call 
Halloween at the last minute! 
Stacey Skura, Kristy Tudryn, 
Amanda Erekson, and Cindy 
Cucinotta grab whatever they 
can find for a costume. ...Sshh, 
don't tell. 

Above: Friends Forever: even 
after working in the Office of 
Student Activities and being 
on Class of '97 e-board and 
Orientation Coordinators 
together, Cindy Cucinotta and 
Amanda Erekson still manage to 
smile and hug each other. 

Left: "Just clowning around!" 
Dix Hall can always count on 
Kathy Caldes for a laugh.... 
Here's her serious pose. 



Above: Kara LeBlanc snuggles in her cozy bed with all her furry 
animals. Aaaah! 

Below: It's time to hit the bars!!! 

Year built: 1938 
Located at: 305 Brookline Avenue 
Occupancy: 68 students 
Special features/memorable events 
"singles" and spacious "doubles," 
an elevator, a fifth floor deck that 
was "out of order" all year, plush 
carpeted livingroom, fireplace, 
quiet hallways, a basement lounge., 
and barbecue on the quad in 
the fall 

Above: Alyssia Newton and Amy Merrill 
take a trip in the elevator. 



mesick hall 

Left: Students utilize the 
computer lab for checking their 
e-mail accounts. 

Year built: 1961 
Located at: 291 Brookline 
Occupancy: 120 students 
Special features/memorable events: 
newly renovated computer lab for 
surfing the 'net, bagel brunches, 
homophobia workshop, body image 
workshop, Simmons Cup, Pizza/Sex 
Party, Mardi Gras Party, Molly 
Ringwald Marathon, mixers with 
frats, Alice in Wonderland Tea, 
Halloween Party, Holiday Party, 
Winter Fest, Cinco de Mayo, 
Valentine's Day Secret Friend, and 
Morse/Mesick Twister Contest 

Above: A glimpse of "rolling out of bed" 
for classes. 

Left: Freshman Diana Gammache 
concentrates on her studies. 


commutd s 

Advantages: freedom, no moving or storing problems at 
the end of the year, no Bartol food, more privacy in 
terms of sharing a room, and "the best of both worlds" 
Disadvantages: late-evening commuting after classes or 
a school event, late to classes because of traffic, when 
someone thinks you can't afford it, late notice of events, 
and not part of the all-campus voice mail system 
Memorable events: Commuter Awareness Week 
in April, teas every other week, weekly Commuter 
Student Organization meetings, community service 
project, Thanksgiving Dinner, Halloween Party, 
Holiday Party, and Senior Send-off 

Who are they: 

20% of the 
Mascot: Lounge Lizard 

Above: Danielle Marr and 
Tracy Machinski prefer to eat 
in the commuter lounge 
instead of the Fens. 

Above left: Natalie Resca, 
Susan Antonelli, Mercy 
Alepidis, and Ana-Maria 
Vranceanu sit for a bake sale in 
the lower commons. 

Left: Senior Tracey King 
lounges on the couch and chills 
out from a busy day. 

Right: Who doesn't check her 
messages ten times a day? 

Above: Joanne Skelton can't wait to join her 
friends for lunch. 

Left: Biana Sevebro demonstrates it's not all 
just fun and games in the lounge. 




Year built: 1956 

Located at: 255 Brookline Avenue 

Occupancy: 1 52 students 

Special features/memorable events: 

Don't have to contemplate jumping 

the fence when the gates are locked, 

vending machines other halls covet, 

Luau, Holiday Dinner, Halloween 

Party, weekly teas, S'mores study 

break during exam week, and bagel 


Below: TV night in Simmons Hall. 

Above: Junior Heather Bayliss 
lets out a loud MEOW when 
the weekend comes. 

Above: Study break on the floor of the 
Simmons Hall lounge. 

i^ ' "■:. 



Year built: 1964 

Located at: 54 Pilgrim Road 

Occupancy: 135 students 

Special features/memorable events: 

All-Hall Trick or Treating, All-Hall 

Coffeehouse, weekly teas, orientation 

events, Quadside Cafe located in 

the basement, handicap access, 

computer lab, and extra lounges in 

the basement 

Left: Voila! Smith Hall resident adds 
the finishing touch before going out. 

Above: Senior Ana Campos enjoys her favorite book. 

Left: Phone break during a 
night of studying. 


suuLu nail 

Year built: 1905 

Located at 321 Brookline Avenue 
Occupancy: 89 students 
Special features/memorable events: known 
as The Wellness Dorm, an updated kitchen 
for all your cooking and baking needs, 
renovated lounges and livingroom for 
conducting meetings, watching tv, and 
having parties; networking party, safer sex 
party, workshops such as guided medita- 
tion, body image, food: friend or foe?, 
homophobia; teas with Steve London and 
Elaine Hagopian, Black History Month 
scavenger hunt, Trick or Treat, Halloween 
Games, Pizza Party, Holiday Social, and 
World AIDS Day remembrance 

Above, Left, and Below: The key to "wellness" is having fun all 
1 the time. 


'."". ■ . \J. 





* If! 


<* Jfc 



There are a variety of organizations which 
represent the diverse background and 
ethnicity of the Simmons community. 
Events are sponsored by these organizations 
throughout the school year to promote and to 
increase awareness of each individual culture. All 
students are invited to join. 

Right: Lesbian/Bisexual Association (left to right): Stephanie 
St. John, Kate Ahern, Hope Coutute, Cathleen Straub, 
Cara Smyczynski, Jen Oas, and Chris Chenard. 

Below: Natasha Weeks, Adrienne Smith, Jameelah Bai, 
Donna Pina, and Malikah Ash enjoy a Holiday Dinner 

Right: Members of the 
International Students 


Above: Black Student Organization (left to right, clockwise): Josie Roper, Fawn Hentral, Rita 
Patel, Stephanie St. John, Carolyn Williams, Karianta McCaw, Shaneek Jones, Tamika Taylor, 
Candice Caines, Toya Harris, Malikah Ash, and Andrea Rideaux. 

Below: Members of Organizacion Latina Americana. 

Events have included: 

Potluck Dinner with WIT (ASA) 

Violence in Asian Community (ASA) 

Dim Sum in Chinatown (ASA) 

Annual Thanksgiving Dinner (ASA) 

Clothing Drive for Pine Stree (ASA) 

Asian Awareness Week (ASA) 

Assistance for ESL and LIFE students (OLA) 

Hispanic Women Health Issues (OLA) 

Panel of Hispanic Alumnae (OLA) 

Culture Fest 

Sadie Hawkins Party (BSO) 

Kwanzaa Info Table, Mini Mall, and Banquet (BSO) 

BSO Dance 

Black History Lecture (BSO) 

Art & Jazz Social (BSO) 


expressing our 

Right: Catholic Student Organization (left to right): Patricia Leen, 
Kate Parsons, Aldona Lingertat, Jennifer Bessette, and Melissa 
Chern and Seminarian Eric Vanmeter. 

Simmons has several organizations 
which allow students to interact 
with others who share similar 
religious beliefs. They are the Catholic 
Student Organization, the Christian 
Fellowship, and Hillel. Events sponsored 
by these organizations have included 
Lecture on Cult Religions (CSO), All 
Souls Day Service (CSO), Ash Wednes- 
day Service (CSO), Passover Seder with 
Hillel (CSO), Shabbat Dinner (Hillel), 
and Ice Cream Social (Hillel) . 

Top Left: Hillel members at their Boston 
Billard's party. 

Below Left: Hillel (left to right): 
Megan Burke, Annise Berger, Amy 
Klotz, Laura Liebman, Jodi Brahms, 
and Michele Wiener 
not pictured: Kathy Murphy 


political activism 

Above: Voice for the Voiceless 
(left to right): Donna Daley, 
Maria DaSilva, Kelli Costello, 
and Sherry Surprenaut. 

Right: Members of the 
Feminist Union. 

Simmons students fight for what they 
believe in and they have formed organiza 
tions to make their voices stronger and 
louder. Organizations such as Amnesty Interna- 
tional, Feminist Union, Model United Nations, 
and Voice for the Voiceless all meet to share and 
voice their opinions of current political topics. 
Amnesty International joins with chapters from 
other schools or sponsors letter-writing and 
human rights events. Feminist Union sponsors 
the annual Women's Week and information 
tables dealing wiht feminist and women's issues. 
Besides weekly meetings, Voice for the Voiceless 
has guest speakers at different events to promote 


dance club 

..J: ' ■■ - . 

This organization offers students 
the opportunity to learn and 
practice different forms of 
dance. It is also a way to meet new 
people who share the same interest in 
this medium. 

Above: Practice makes perfect. 


Left: Members of the 
Dance Club. 


e a 



Below: Sirens (left to right): Erin Henry, Kathi Crowell, Lauren Shultz, Beth Jendro, Chandra 
Tallman, Rebecca Wilmot, Gretchen Gledhill, and Melissa Delgado. 

W ! / 

Left: Members of Chorale. 

Below: Sirens get ready to perform. 

There are two 
which encourage 
and give students the 
opportunity to perform 
publicly. Sirens is an 
acapella group which is 
often invited to perform 
at major Simmons 
functions such as the 
Senior/Faculty Banquet 
and President's Recep- 
tion. It has also performed 
at events in Fanueil Hall 
and the Westin Hotel at 
Copley this year. 
Chorale's works ranges 
from light works to 
master works performed 
with professional 
orchestras, soloists, and 
men's choruses. This year, 
it's held spring and 
winter concerts as well as 
one for theFreshman 



Above: APB (left to right, clockwise): Julie Savini, Donna 
Catamero, Mary Mullen, Jill Ogasian, and Kerri Moss.. 

Below: Quadside Committee (left to right): Rachel Amgott, Jill 
Berkovitch, Carrie Gardner, Susan Boss, Alyssa Stover, Alyssa 
Voss, Anne Calabro. 
not pictured: Sarah Daly, Lia Hollander, and Laura Kastrenos 

Above: Anne Calabro shows off her talent 
at Quadside. 

A major portion of special events planning at 
Simmons is done by Activities Programming 
Board and Quadside Committee. APB is 
responsible for planning and budgeting lectures, 
feature fdms series, performing arts, educational/ 
community service projects, block ticket sales, 
Valentine's Day Ball, Spring Spree, and Winter Week. 
Some memorable events have been Patrick Reynolds 
lecture (with Channel 4 coverage), movies The Client, 
Shallow Grave, When a Man Loves a Woman, and Pulp 
Fiction. Quadside Committee is responsible for 
programming and publicizing weekly Wednesday nigh 
entertainment. Events have included shows from a 
variety of bands, stand-up comedy nights, coffeehouse, 
and Women's Talent Night. 


simmons outreach 

The variety of outreach organi- 
zations at Simmons assists 
students in many 
different ways. The Student Alumnae Associa- 
tion has career nights and events to unite 
current students with past ones. The Transfer 
Liaison helps students adjust to the transition 
of moving to a new school. While the Outing 
Club sponsors events geared towards anyone 
who is interested in nature by hosting hiking, 
biking, and camping adventures. 

Above: The Outing Club out on one of its adventures! 

Below: Seniors Michelle Grueter, Amy Merrill, and 
Samantha Mahoney of Student Alumnae Association. 

Above: Anyone for goodies? 



Simmons Community Outreach 
provides students with the opportu 
nity to participate in community 
service. Individuals may either consult with 
area coordinators and be placed in a non- 
profit organization or they may participate 
in any of the monthly one-day events.The 
major events sponsored this year have 
included Walk for Community Service in 
October, Hats for the Homeless in Decem- 
ber, Rosie s Share a Meal Program in Janu- 
ary, Valentine's Ball for the Elderly in Febru- 
ary, Children s Hospital Project in March, 
and Springing Women Forward 'in April. 
On-going programs include Saturday at 
Simmons, Farragut School Tutoring Program, 
and the Mother Caroline Program. SCO 
contributes its very successful year to 
support from its own planning and 
Simmons volunteers. 

!-•#» »". 

Above: SCO President Michelle Grueter at the 
Valentine's Ball for the Elderly. 

Below: Senior Cindy Crandall joins in on the 
cake and fun. 

Above: SCO (left to right, clockwise): Caitlin Young, Kate Allen, 
Maria Alves, Judy Botello, Michelle Grueter, and Jennifer 
Darling, not pictured: Melissa Haseltine, Keelyn Collins, Nana 
Fueki, Missy Brown, Kate Ahern, and advisor Steve London 



The Student Government Association encourages 
responsibility, cooperation, and communication 
in a democratic self-government. It deals with 
students at all levels of the college. SGA coordinates the 
policies of various student organizations and helps to 
further generate the interests of the student body. 

copy by Debra Lary '96 

Above: SGA President Jill 
Justin explains a point 
while Secretary Lisa 
Leccacorvi takes minutes 
and VP Nicole St. Clair looks 

Right: SGA members and 
guests enjoy a relaxing 
moment during a Senate 

President: Jill Justin 

Vice President: Nicole St. Clair 

Secretary: Lisa Leccacorvi 

Treasurer: Katie Butler 

Student Affairs Officer: Sarah Gove 

Academic Affairs Officer: Raquel Callender 

Right: Treasurer Katie Butler, BSO representative 
Jahmeelah Bahi, and Parliamentarian Kelly O'connell 
listen intently to the discussion. 





Class of 1998 
(left to right): 
Lisa Dingman, 
Jennifer Herzog, 
Gina Hill, Sally Yon, 
and Anat Leveil 

Class of 1997 

(left to right): 

Kristy Tudryn, Cindy 

Cucinotta, Amanda 

Erickson, and Terri 



':' 'v: 

,,.. ■ »■?■: . ■ 


: ■:'■■'•. 

= ■-* 

Class of 1999 (left to right, clockwise): 
Carrie Gardner, Donna Pina, Donna Irish, 
and Melissa Deasy 

Class of 1996 (left to right, clockwise): Samantha 
Mahoney, Noelle Jacobsen, Amy Neilson, and 
Amy Merrill 




p II m m *mm 

Academic liaisons consist of 
students from different depart- 
, ments interested in that area. 
They provide students both socially 
and educationally as groups discuss 
the concerns of their studies and 
departments as well as sharing ideas. 
Each liaison sponsors activities in 
conjunction with faculty and staff 
related to its specific concentration. 
Activities may include movie nights, 
workshops, guest speakers, and field 
trips. Membership is open to everyone, 
whether a concentrator of the depart- 
ment or simply an interested partici- 
pant in the area. 

copy by Debra Lary '96 

Above: Sherry Surprenaut, Michelle Trombley, Samantha Broderick, and Professor 
Raj Thiruvengadam take time out from their activity planning to strike a pose. 

Below: Members of the Chemistry Liaison. 


Above: Liaisons provide students the 
opportunity to have fun outside of the 

Left: Economics Liaison (left to right, 
clockwise): Heather Jennings, Liz Szlagyi, 
Christina Monroe, Wendy Kennedy, 
Christine Collins, and Gwen Marshak. 

The Recognized Department Liaisons 
at Simmons Are: 

Art and Music Liaison 

Biology Liaison 

Chemistry Liaison 

Economics Liaison 

English Liaison 

Foreign Language Liaison 

History Liaison 

International Relations Liaison 

Management Liaison 

Mathematics Liaison 
Nursing Liaison 
Nutrition Liaison 
Political Science Liaison 
Physical Therapy Club 
Physics Liaison 
Pre-Med Liaison 
Psychology Liaison 
Sociology Liaison 


Left: Briarwood welcomes the 
bright and cheerful leaders 
from Simmons College! 

Below: Basking in the sun 
should be on the top of every 

Over 50 students were brought together for the third 
annual leadership retreat held at the Briarwood 
Retreat Center on Cape Cod. With this year's 
theme being "Finding the Leader in You," students represent- 
ing various organizations were brought together for a 
"weekend" of learning new skills and forming new friendships. 
Despite the smaller turnout, Assistant Director of Student 
Activities Robin Sitten felt it actually made the retreat better. 
Students separated into "break-out" discussion groups and 
chose workshops that interested them. According to Sitten, 
"Students were a lot more comfortable sharing personal 
experiences in the small groups." 

-■'<><. 4 ^f 

Left: Tamika Taylor takes time out to enjoy a 
favorite childhood pastime. 

Below: Senior class secretary Amy Merrill chats 
with fellow student during a workshop. 




Being a staff member to The Simmons News, 
Microcosm and Sidelines give students profes- 
sional experience while allowing their creative 
juices to flow. The Simmons Newsis a weekly newspa- 
per completely written and produced by students. 
Microcosm is the school's award-winning yearbook and 
is also entirely produced and written by students. 
Sidelines is the school literary magazine. Works sub- 
mitted include black and white photography, poetry 
and prose from students, faculty, and alumnae. 

Left: Tamika Taylor is all smiles because she just met her deadline for 
The News. 

Below Left: Microcosm staff (left to right): advisor Robin Sitten, Diana 
Hu, Carolyn Crowley, Alexis Bishop, Beth Sappington, Christine 
Collins, Kelli Costello, and Katie Butler. 

Below Right: Sidelines staff (left to right): Donna Daley, Diana Hu, 
Kristina Walton, and Maria Batista. 



Above: Members of the soccer team getting ready for some fierce competition 
during a night game. 

Above: All the hard work eventually did pay 

Even having a relatively young 
team and their recent move 
into a higher-level athletic 
conference could not stop Simmons 
soccer this season. The team finished 
the regular season undefeated and 
placed first in their new division, the 
Great Northeast Athletic Conference. 
Under the leadership of coach 
Maureen McCormack and captain 
Megan Coburn, the team made it to 
the championship for the first time. 
Regular season highlights included a 
vistory over long-time rival, MIT. 
Freshman Danielle D'Mato was 
named "leading scorer of the season." 

Above: Though being a goalie may look easy, it's dives like this that 
show it really is a lot of hard work. 


leld nocke 

Above: The 1995 field hockey team poses for the camera after a 
tough game. 

Right: Karen Krzywda 
on a break- away 
during a Simmons 
home game. 

This past fall, the field hockey season 
was full of new faces, changes, and 
much anticipation. The seniors 
were especially anticipating a fun and 
exciting season. With a new coach arriving 
this year, there were many anxieties among 
the returning players, but everything 
eventually fell into place as we had hoped. 
The new faces on the team added a great 
amount of energy and diversity which 
helped us to attain the victories we achieved 
throughout the season. We changed over 
from the "red line" to the "green line" at 
virtually every practice, determined to form 
a team that would be unstoppable. We had 
a successful 7-7 season. We managed to top 
the records for number of overtimes in a 
single season, which resulted in some very 
exciting wins. As a team, we are very proud 
of the job we did this past fall. We were at 
the top in terms of determination and team 
work. Most importantly, we had a lot of 
fun, which helped to make this season a 
very memorable one! -Kara May Leblanc 

Above: Members of the Simmons 
field hockey team hold a pre-game 
meeting to plan their strategy. 



The 1995 fall season for the Simmons tennis team 
was a very exciting and rewarding one. Although 
the team was very young with only three returning 
players, they finished the season in first place in their 
conference and in second place in the GENAC tourna- 
ment. The excellent leadership of sophomore co-captains 
Katelyn Caffelle and Laura Kastrenos and coach Karen 
Naylor helped to make the team stronger and bring every- 
one together in a short amount of time. 

Meagan Satinsky 

Above:The tennis team and Coach Karen Naylor pose for a 

group shot. 

Below: Back on the courts and ready to play! 

Above: Meagan Satinsky is unstoppable. 

In addition to the success of 
the team as a whole, Lisa 
Harrison was named to all- 
tournament for her singles play, 
as were sophomore doubles 
partners Meagan Satinsky and 
Melissa LaRusso. Also, first 
singles Margo Collette was 
named to all-conference. Fresh- 
man Melinda Johanssen also 
contributed greatly to the success 
of the team and all are anxiously 
an even more productive 1996 

-Meagan Satinsky 


Below: Both Varsity and Novice rowers look like they can't 
wait to get off the docks! 

Above: Lucinda Berardi adjusts an oar-lock. 

Below: Members of the Novice team praticing hard in the 
indoor rowing tanks in the basement of the Sports Center. 

The Simmons crew team embodies the spirit 
of dedication. From September through 
May, Coach Nik Kurmakov and Novice 
Coach Kristen Chute push them to their personal 
limits and beyond. Led by co-captians, Wendy 
Campanells and Kris Beckley, the women strive for 
excellence six mornings a week. They can be seen 
rowing on the Charles through rain, snow, wind, 
and freezing temperatures. They just love that 
dirty water! 

All of this hard work paid off for the women in 
their regattas. The novice team showed great 
strength and potential early on. The varsity team, 
with their special lucky frog taped to the bow, 
earned respect for Simmons crew. The Head of 
the Charles was the climax of the fall season. The 
team raced a varsity eight and a JV four with both 
boats pulling out strong times. Although the race 
may be over, the team hasn't taken a break. 
Simmons crew is already looking forward to next 
year! -Amy Beauchemin 

sports cerner 








vo . ^11 

Simmons volleyball ended their 
first season with new Coach 
Charley Smith in third place. 
Although an injury to their captain, 
senior Debbie Walsh kept her from 
playing in the post-season, juniors 
Jennifer Pitts and Amy Wilusz led the 
team to the Great Northeast Athletic 
Conference Championships where the 
team advanced into second place in 
their conference after beating St. 
Joseph's, the school which previously 
held that spot. 

Above: Members of the volleyball team are ready to hit the court and 
make Simmons proud! 

Left: The team moves quickly in 
anticipation of their opponents next 

Above: Huddling together, everyone 
listens to the strategy for the next play. 


Coach Jack Carney and co-captains Kelly Driscoll and 
Tamara Kaldor led the sailing team through a tough 
season. Teamwork remained most important as the 
team faced such challenges as harsh weather conditions. 
During one race at UNH they even faced constant rain and 
incedibly strong winds but still gave it their all with even one 
boat earning second place while another took a third. In a 
sport that takes an enormous amount of skill and training, the 
team showed rapid improvement throughout the season. 

Left: Cooperation plays a big role in being a 
member of the sailing team. 

Above: Simmons boat number 16 takes off 
with a beautifully set sail. 

Above: Members of the sailing team rig their boat as the sun rises over 
the Charles River. 

Right: Amy Volock is ready to set sail. 





The swimming team had a great season this year 
with new coach, Maureen Travers, and 
returning assistant coach, Francine Boucher. 
The team was made up of 1 3 swimmers - nine return- 
ees (three of whom were seniors) and four 

The diving team had seven members (all freshwomen) 
with no previous experience. They were taught the 
fundamentals of diving by first-year coach Rich 
DeChristofaro. Although the divers hadn't accom- 
plished enough dives to compete, three dove unoffi- 
cially at meets in preparation for next season. 
Five swimmers qualified and ten competed at the 
NCAA New England Women's Intercollegiate Swim- 
ming Association Conference held in February at 
Williams College. Simmons place 1 6th out of 32 
teams ahead of rivals Wheaton, Babson, St. Joseph's 
College, WNEC, and Norwich Academy. Overall 1 9 
out of 23 records and three pool records were broken 
by the 13 swimmers. 

-Dulcinea Misiaszek 

;:.',> • '•'.-■.- - ."■• ;«K" ■•,!£?. '.(•-.•■ 

Above: Though relatively 
inexperienced, members of 
the diving team still man- 
aged to look great! 

Left: Members of the 
swimming team are ready to 
give it their all. 



Above: Simmons basketball is just too 
quick for the camera! 

Right: Coach Maureen McCormack 
gives a few quick pointers. > 

The 1995-1996 season was one of the 
most successful that the Simmons 
basketball team has had. Our record 
was 10-11 and we made it to the first round 
of play in the Greater Northeast Athletic 
Conference. Among the highlights of the 
season were a six game winning streak, an 
over-time win against Daniel Webster College 
and several surprise wins against higher-seeded 

The 1995-1996 team gained seven new 
players and will only lose two to graduation 
(co-captains Angela Hamel and Karen 
Krzywda). Returning players for 1996-1997 
include sophomore co-captain Ohuwa 
Furblur and freshwomen Suzy Amor, Erica 
Garrett, Corrina Payeur, Kristen Mohr, 
Marisa Leykam, Mahlet Woldemariam, and 
Kristen Lentini. 

-Angela Hamel and Karen Krzywda 









- * 


*%»-"* I 



aass o 

As always, the Junior Class has been very 
busy. Under the leadership of President 
, Cindy Cucinotta, Vice-President Amanda 
Erekson, Treasurer Theresa Marko, Secretary 
Kristy Tudryn, and Advisor Masato Aoki, the Class 
of '97 has been responsible for rekindling the 
Simmons tradition of Big Sister/Little Sister. The 
Big Sister/Little Sister program is designed to unite 
a member of the freshman class with a "big sister" 
from the junior class. The program was established 
over the 

summer to ensure that each freshwoman could 
meet her Big Sister during the New Student 
Orientation in September. 

October included the annual Head of the Charles 
regatta, where the Junior Class co-sponsored an 
event on the banks of the Charles River in order to 
support the Simmons Crew team. 
The spring brings with it the Junior/Senior Toast 
and, presently, the Class of '97 Commencement 
Committee is searching for a graduation speaker. 

-Cindy Cucinotta 

Above: Heather Bayliss, Jill Justin and Katie Butler at 
the Valentine's Ball. 

Left: A glimpse back to freshman year: Lora Slomich, 
Jen Plaisted, Kelli Costello and Anne Calabro. 

Below: Kim Locke, Stacey Margetts, Stacey Skura, Jill 
Justin, Class of 1997 President Cindy Cucinotta and 
Kathy Caldes. 


Left: Class of 1997 Treasurer 
Theresa Marko and Vice 
President Amanda Erekson. 

Below: On the way to senior 



class o 

The Class of 1 998 kept 
busy this year with all 
the events they planned. 
Their Mardi Gras dinner in 
Bartol Hall brought faculty and 
students together for a celebra- 
tion of Fat Tuesday. Other 
events included a Class Party in 
Alumnae Hall, Candy Grams, 
and the traditional Father/ 
Daughter Weekend. 

Left: As an Orientation 
Leader, Jess Oakan 
helped make 
Freshwomen feel at 
home at Simmons. 

Left: The Class of 1998 
shows its pride in the 
form of an ice sculpture 
at the Mardi Gras 

Below: Anat Level and 
Jodi Braham share a 


Above: Beth Sappington, Kerri Moss, Mara Lefjer and 
Erin Henry pose for a picture before the Father/Daughter 
dinner dance. 

Left: Class of 1998 President Regina Hill shows off theit 
work station. 

Below: Katie O'Hearn takes a break in the Student 
Activities Center. 

f i/T§^\ 

|» ? P* 








Above: There are some things you never outgrow, even 
in college. 

Left: Sara Martin looks like she's had a tough day. 

Below: VP Melissa Deasy takes the microphone. 

The Class of '99 wasn't shy during their first year 
at Simmons. Class officers include President 
Donna Irish, Vice-President Melissa Deasy, 
Treasurer Donna Pina, and Secretary Carrie Gardner. 
One of their most successful events was the Winter 
Wonderland dinner held in Bartol Hall in early Decem- 
ber. The dinner brought faculty and staff together to 
enjoy the holiday season. Hits of the night included 
holiday musical performances and turkey carved by 
Simmons President Dan Cheever and other faculty 
members. It looks like the Class of '99 may have started 
what could be a new tradition at Simmons! 



Getting used 
to being away 
from home 
and making 
new friends 
are two things 
freshman year 
is about. 

Left: What are 
those knowing 
smiles for? 

Caught off 
guard at the 




to the 

Caroline Considine 

Brown University 


Boston College 


Daniel Cheever 

Harvard University 


* ; 

Dean of the 



Judith Wittenberg, Cornell University, Boston University and 
Brown University; Jean Chaput Welch, Katherine Gibbs 
School and Simmons College; Jeannie Madden, Simmons 
College; Phyllis Peddy 
Not pictured: Dean Chester Haskell 

Dean for 
Student Life 

Dean of Multicultural Affairs Hilda Hernandez-Gravell, 
University of Puerto Rico, Simmons School of Social Work and 
Harvard School of Education; Dean for Student Life Sheila 
Murphy, Stonehill College and Harvard University. 



Academic Support Center 

Angelique Davi; Carolyn Holland, Rhode Island College and University of 

Virginia, Andy Reyes, University of the Philippines and School for International 


Not pictured: Josephine Shaddock, Institute for Open Education, Antioch College, 

Amy Castner, Simmons College. 


Front Row: Jane Fidler; Deb Wright, Connecticut College and Columbia 
University. Second Row: Cynthia Rubino; Rene Agard; Crissilla Parris. 
Third Row: Shamikhah Dean, Simmons College; Maria McCarthy, Boston 
College, Harriet Petrocelli, Elizabethtown College and Indiana University of 
Pennsylvania. Fourth Row: Cheryl Fallon, University of Massachusetts; Roisin 
O'Brien, Boston College, Kathleen Mathews. Not pictured: Lisa Winters 
Dingman, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, Lyn Fulton-John, 
Bowling Green State University and Boston University. 


Alumnae/Alumni Relations 

Monica Key, Simmons College, Alcurtis Clark; Joyce Elden, Simmons College 
and University of Virginia; Penny Redfield, Simmons College. 
Not pictured: Lauren Cahalane, University of Lowell. 



Tim McWilliams; Bill Nasson; Susan Gould; Amy Wilusz. 

Business Manager 

Marcus Buckley, University of Massachusetts; Rita Beal; Michelle Baxter, NortheasternUniversity, Kathleen Peroni-Callahan, 
Simmons College. 



:■ ■:■:, ,: ■-■■■ ■ . , 

Counseling Center 

Jonathan Ehrenworth, Carleton College and Boston University, Louise W. 
Christian, Smith College and Boston University, Lourdes Rodriguez-Nogues, 
College of the Sacred Heart, University of Connecticut, and Boston University. 
Not pictured: Adele Ash. 


Dorothea Lynde Dix Scholars Program 

Maryanne Dearborn; Muli Tokornoo, Marymount Manhattan College, Jackie Evans, Tufts University, New England 
Conservatory, and Harvard University, Bichevia Miller, Simmons College; Jean Stahl Heaton, State University of New 
York -Potsdam and Simmons College. Not pictured: Irene Chaput, Simmons College. 

Financial Aid Office 

Front Row: Jonhnetta Wiles; Lisa Mayer, William Smith College and Harvard University, Denise Haynes, Simmons 
College. Second Row: Beth Bolles, Simmons College, Nancy Tobey, Simmons College, Cindy Getman; Barbara 

Health Center 

Denise O'Connor, Simmons College, Nancy Summes; Jill Stein; Carole Kessel; Kathy Galvin. Not pictured: 
Mary Griffin, Boston College, Diane Morrissey, Curry College and Simmons College, Regina Peluso; Kay Petersen, 
Antioch College and Dartmouth Medical School; Joan Salie; Joan Sullivan. 



Front Row: Susan Lieberthal; Gianna Gifford, Mount Holyoke College, Martha Davidson, Smith College and Simmons College, Daphne Harrington, University of 
Massachusetts-Boston and State University of New York-Albany. Second Row: Bernie Colo, St. Anselm College and Boston University; Anne Pardo, Mt. Holyoke College, 
Columbia University and Boston University, Claire Goodwin; Ilze Olmsted, Mt. HolyokeCollege, Radcliffe College and Syracuse University; Liz Donnelly, University of 
Massachusetts and Simmons College, Linda Watkins, Western College for Women, Boston University and Simmons College, Tracey Leger-Hornby, Simmons College and 
Dalhousie University. Not pictured: Justin Ballou, University of Vermont; Marilyn Smith Bregoli, University of Massachusetts-Boston and Simmons College, Cheryl 
Brigante, Southern Connecticut State College and Drexell University, Michael David Byrnes; Mia Calivas; Tammy Coney, Emerson College, Carol Demos, Regis 
College and Simmons College; Constance Drapeau, Wheaton College and Simmons College, Patricia Durisin, Lake Superior State University; Megan Fox, Trinity College 
and Boston College, Joan Gearin, Simmons College, Stephanie Homan, University of Wisconsin; John Margardo; Mary McKeon, University of Massachusetts; 
Kristina Moe, University of Massachusetts; Judith Narosny; Jane Nash, University of Massachusetts-Boston and Simmons College, Barbara Passoff, State University of 
New York- Albany; Bridget Rawding, Boston College, Francis Rogers, North Adams State and Boston University, Margaret Shue, Union College and Simmons College. 

Public Information 

Kathleen Cantwell, University of Michigan and Massachusetts College of Art, 
Rebecca Yturregui, Simmons College, Chris Pope Campbell, Simmons College. 


Public Safety 

Kevin Kennedy; Donald Morency; Kristen Bolt; Jim Grant; Rick Brown. 
Not pictured: Mark Dunderdale. 

Registrar's Office 

Front Row: Denise Chamberlain; Donna Dolan, Simmons College, Maureen Boyle, Boston University; 
Suzanne Finstad, California State University-Long Beach. Second Row: Hope Couture; Sharonne Taitt, 
University of the West Indies; Laura Hollister. Not pictured: Philomena Kilkelly; Sadie Hannula. 



Student Activities 

Front Row: Jil Bercovitch; Robin Sitten, Hollins College and Emerson College, 

Karen Galbraith. 

Second Row: Jill Walsh, Syracuse University; Janice Brown. 


Treasurer's Office 

Front Row: Sarah Baun; Gerard Dihiara, Boston College. Second Row: Patricia Fallon, Stonehill College, Northeastern University and Bentley College; 
Eileen Hegarty, Simmons College; Diane Hallisey, Simmons College; Susan Driscoll, Simmons Co//^;Elizabeth Tibbett. Third Row: Suzanne Hughes; 
Dona Robb; Palissa Nickerson; Julie Maunsell, Emmanuel College. Fourth Row: Michael West, Bentley College; Latasha Washington; Kate Maloney, 
Boston College; Nora Brennan. Not pictured: Patricia Blood; Colleen Carroll; Maria Graziano; Patricia Little; Janice Robinson; Joann Saro. 

Art & Music 

Greg Slowik, Mansfield State and Boston University, Bob Oppenheim, Rhode Island School of Design and Michigan State University; 
Anne Reid, Wesleyan College; Dana Chandler, Massachusetts College of Art. Not pictured: Margaret Grace Black; Joyce Cohen; 
Leslie Cormier; Robert Ingari, New England Conservatory of Music and Westminster Choir College; Marja Lianko; Wendy Seller. 


Front Row: Mary Owen, Regis College and Clark University; Sandra Williams, Boston University; Karen Talentino, University of 
California and University of Nevada-Reno. Second Row: Arthur Skura, Boston University; Victoria Galloway; Jane Lopalito, Emmanuel 
College and Harvard University; Jyl Cronin; Bruce Gray, Tufts University, Columbia University and University of Columbia; Randi Lite, 
Brown University and Columbia University. Not pictured: Paul Columbo, Worcester State College; Tucker Crum; Janet McDonough. 



Leonard Soltzberg, University of Delaware and Brandeis University, James Piper, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Emory University, Peter Bowers, Cambridge 
University and University of British Columbia; Michael Kaplan; Iclal Hartman, Mount Holyoke College and University of Florida; Carolyn Spodick. 


Front Row: Nancy Brown Carroll, Simmons College; James Corcoran, University of North Dakota and Harvard University. Second Row: Kyong Choe, Virginia 
Commonwealth University and Rhode Island School of Design; Deborah Smiley, Colby College and Yale University; Lynda Beltz, Indianna University; Vaughn Sills, 
American University and Rhode Island School of Design; Bob White, College of the Holy Cross and Boston University; Katherine Poehler, University ofMassachusetts.Third 
Row: Derrick Jackson, University of Wisconsin; Mden Wood, University of Massachusetts. Not pictured: Robert Cafazzo; Dan Connell; Margo Melnicove. 



Masato Aoki, Bucknell University and University of Massachusetts-Amherst; Carole Bieweiner, Douglass College and 
University of Massachusetts; Barbara Sawtelle, University of New Hampshire and Massachusetts Institute of Technology; 
Don Basch, Trinity College and Yale University. Not pictured: Daphne Kenyon, Michigan State University and 
University of Michigan; Jane Sjogren, Barnard College and Stanford University. 

Education & Human Services 

Front Row: Jane Hardin. Second Row: Helen Guttentag, Wellesley College and Harvard University, Kathleen Dunn, Smith College, Radcliffe College, and 
University of Massachusetts-Amherst, Jennifer Burkett-Picker, Brandeis University and San Diego State University, Liz Fleming, Fitchburg State College and George 
Peabody College. Third Row: John Ameer, Yale University and Harvard University; Al Rocci, Tufts University and Boston College, Carole Chaet, Framingham State 
College, Antioch College and Boston University; Alice Van Duesen, Wilson College and Boston University, Susan Garsoe; Lizette Eastman; Paul Abraham, Boston 
College, Boston University and Harvard University; Ann Edwards, Westfield State College, Mary O'Leary; Sheila O'Mahoney; Sean Gummere; Janie Ward, New 
York University and Harvard University, Jill Taylor, New Zealand School of Physiotherapy, University of Massachusetts-Boston and Harvard University; Nina Senatore, 
Boston College and Simmons College, Christine Tierney, Regis College and Suffolk University, Kellie Jones. Not pictured: Allan Blume, Simmons College; Barbara 
Cauchon, Simmons College, Mary Ellen Cunnion, Harvard University; Ellen May Davidson, State University of New York- New Platzr, Christine Evans, Lesley 
College; Stephanie Hammel, Lesley College and Harvard University; JoEllen Hillyer; Lynda Johnson, Simmons College, Steven Levy, Colgate University and Adelphi 
University, Rebecca MacDonald, Emerson College and University of Kansas', Jon Mickelson, Maharishi International University; Susan Moran, University of 
Massachusetts; Susan Plati, Harvard University, Kim Sammons, Simmons College, Allan Schwedel, Lndianna University; Barbara Scotto, Simmons College, 
Michael Sherman, Harvard University, 'Jay Sugarman, Boston University, Connie Titone, Louisianna Tech. University; Janet Wohlers, Middlebury College. 


Richard Sterne, Columbia University and Harvard Univversity, David Gullette, Harvard College and University of North Carolina; Pam Bromberg, 
Wellesley College and Yale University, Delia Scott, Simmons College and University of Massachusetts-Boston; Doug Perry, Yale University and Temple 
University, Richard Wollman, Brandeis University and Columbia University, Jill Teitelman. Not pictured: Kathy Coen; Angelique Davi, 
University of New Hamshire and Simmons College; Mary Demaso, Simmons College and Brown University, Cynthia Grady, San Jose University; 
Esther Iwanaga, University of Connecticut, Middlebury College and University of Massachusetts-Boston; Leslie Ann Lawrence; William Manly, 
Amherst College and Columbia University, Lowry Pei, Harvard University and Stanford University, Kim Vaeth, Randolph-Macon Women s College and 
San Fransisco State University. 


Foreign Languages and Literature 

Front Row: Martha Marks, University of Wisconsin; Susan Keane, Manhattanville College and Harvard University, Raquel Halty, 
Chatham College and Harvard University, Maria Persino. Second Row: Louise Cohen, Simmons College and Harvard University, Deb 
Fraioli, Cornell University and Syracuse University, Mary Jane Treacy, Emmanuel College and Boston University, Jenifer Burkett- 
Picker, Brandeis University and San Diego State University, Sherry Williams; Raylene Ramsay, Otaga University and Universite de 
Poitiers; Zhigang Liu, Beijing Normal University and Boston University. Not pictured: Lola Pelaez-Benitez, Universidad Complutense 
de Madrid; Amalia Pulgarin, Universidad de Cordoba and Boston University. 


Marie McHugh, Simmons College, Susan Porter, Smith College, University of Massachusetts and Boston University, Zhigang Lui, Beijing 
Normal University and Boston University, Susan Walton; Keith Gorman; Mark Solomon, Wayne State University, University of 
Michigan and Harvard University. Not pictured: Kibibi Mack- Williams; Richard Lyman, Bowdoin College and Harvard University. 


ront Row: Lynda Moore, Hollins College, Antioch College and University of Massachusetts; Kathleen Bevacqua, Pennsylvania State University and 
'oston University, David Griswold, Bowling Green State University, University of Cincinnati, and Boston University, Bonita Betters-Reed, State 
Jniversity of New York-Potsdam, Bowling Green State University and Boston University. Second Row: Alan Robinson, Bowdoin College and 
Columbia University, Joanne Dreher; Susan Sampson; Marlyn Gillis, Lake Erie Collge, Western Reserve University, Babson College, Bentley 
College and College for Financial Planning, Kristina Esch; Bruce Warren, Bryant College, Clark University and Suffolk University. 


Mathematics, Computer Science & Physics 

Front Row: Velda Goldberg, State University of New York-Potsdam and Boston College, 
Ethel Schuster, Brandeis University and University of Pennsylvania; Kimberly Rose; 
Robert Goldman, London School of Economics and Harvard University, Margaret 
Menzin, Swarthmore College and Brandeis University. Second Row: Gordon Kieffer, 
University of Vermont and University of Massachusetts-Amherst, David Browder, Amherst 
College and University of Oregon; Donna Beers, University of Connecticut, Michael 
Brown, Columbia University and Harvard University. Not pictured: Sara Costa; Sheila 
McLaughlin; Fazal Wahid, Northeastern University. 


Front Row: Ann Kittler, D'Youville College and Boston University, Joan Jacobson, University of Maryland, San Jose State Univerity and 
University of Southern California; Carol Sherwood, Villanova University and University of Texas-Austin; Diane Osgood, University of 
Connecticut and Boston University; Mary Stanick, St. Anselm College and Boston University, Elizabeth Lamb. Second Row: Michelle 
Phillips, Worcester State and Boston University; Charlene Berube, St. Anselm College and Boston University, Mary Segraves, Loyola University 
School of Nursing, Grenwich and Bexley School of Midwifery and University of Illinois School of Nursing, Kamal Hijjazi. Third Row: Kelly 
Fisher, Fitch burg State College and Russell Sage College, Judy Paris, Hunter College and University of Connecticut, Cheryl Noyes; Phyllis 
Moore, University of Michigan and Boston University, Penny Glynn, Boston University. Not pictured: Susan Babcock; Mark Courtney; 
Enid Cunniff; Kathleen Elliot; Diane Ellis Miles; Josephine Faller; Grace Good; Ann Greenwald; Karen Hetzel; Beverly 
Johnson; Georgianna Marks; Ann Nicholson; Mary Beth Schmidt; Susanne Slater; Janice Tangney; Ninettta Torra; Karen 
Vincent-Pounds; Carolyn Wood; Susan Wood, Vanderbilt University. 



Kristy Hendricks; Nancie Herbold, University of Rhode Island and Boston 
University. Not pictured: Kathleen Cotter; Margery Gann, Simmons College 
and Boston University; Thomas Joanides; Janet Lacey; Ruth Palombo. 


Diane Raymond, Vassar and New York University; Raj Thiruvengadam, Pennsylvania State and Purdue University; Sue 
Stafford, Wheaton College, University of Chicago and University of Connecticut; Cynthia Grady, San Jose State University. Not 
pictured: Tsenay Serequeberhan, University ofMassschusetts-Boston and Boston College; Wanda Torres-Gregory. 


Physical Education 

Ann McDermott, Boston University and Northeastern University; Karen Naylor-Riobueno, University of * Massachusetts; Ali 
Kantor, Franklin and Marshall College and University of Michigan; Maureen McCormack, Augusta College and Kentucky 
University. Not pictured: Anita Lorraine; Darlene Moore, Northeastern University; Doris Olmstead; Mt. Holyoke College, 
Radcliffe College and Syracuse University; Caroline Royer, Elihu White Nursing and Rehabilitation Center. 

* Siii ! 

Political Science & International Relations 

Kirk Beattie, Kalamazoo College and University of Michigan; Deborah Miner, 
Colby College and Columbia University; Denis McLean. Not pictured: Alexis 
Boryczka; Cheryl Welch, Simmons College and Columbia University. 


Front Row: Linda Monahon, Simmons College, Columbia University and Boston 
College; Barbara Gentile, University of Rochester and Cornell University. 
Second Row: Diane Robbins; Diane Coulopoulos, University of Connecticut 
and Tufts University, Benjamin Miller, Columbia College and City University of 
New York, Peter Castle, Harvard College and Brandeis University, Donald 
Thomas, University of California and Tufts University.Not pictured: Ellen 
Wright, University of Colorado and University of Iowa. 



Marcia Hall, Bryn Mawr College and University of Michigan; Ellen Borges, 
University of Hartford and Yale University, Elaine Hagopian, Boston University, 
Steve London, Bowdoin College and University of Chicago. Not pictured: J. 
Lee Hargraves, College of Great Falls and Boston College, Rita Oriani; Patricia 
Pvieker, University of Pittsburgh; Michael Williams, University of Maryland and 
University of Notre Dame. 

Women's Studies 

Susan Porter, Smith College, University of Massachusetts and Boston University, 
Pam Bromberg, Wellesley College and Yale University, Diane Raymond, Vassar 
College and New York University, Jill Taylor, New Zealand School of Physio- 
therapy, University of Massachusetts-Boston and Harvard University, Marie 
McHugh, Simmons College. 









How fortunate the medical 
profession is to be getting you! 

How lucky we are to have you! 

What a nurse! 
What a voice! 
Great work! 







w * , 

Congratulations Deb! 

Your have always 
made us proud of you! 

Good luck in 
your P.T. career! 

We love you, 
Mom, Dad, Patty, 
Jimmy & Mary Beth. 

Congratulations Edita. 

How delighted and proud we are to see you 
take another step to success and happiness. 

Love and good luck in dental school, 
Dad, Mom, and Patrick. 

P.S. Best wishes from Liza. 

Hfe- 1 -'* 

L ^ " S 


f & 



Over the years, we've 
watched you grow from a 
sweet little girl into a 
beautiful self-confident 
woman. We know there 
nothing you cannot do. 


Mom and Dad 

©••«•« ® ® ® # ® •« ® # 

Congratulations Nikki! 

Your have always made us 
happy and proud to be your 
parents. Our love and 
support are with you always. 
God bless and good luck. 


Dad, Mom, Rose Marie, 
Tim, Timmy, Alex, Tho- 
mas, Delisa, Paul, Michele, 
and Mo. 


You brought love and joy 
to our lives, Meghan. 

Mom and Dad 

■#' -f 


Cf # J 


We all love you! 

Mom, Stacey, 
Grandpa, Grandma, 
Uncle Jay, and Boo! 



Your really are a STAR! 
You brighten everyone's 
life with your smile and 
love. Our love and 
support are with you as 
you make your way into a 
bright and promising 

We love you. 
Mom, Dad, Ben, 
Grandma, Grandpa, and 
Grammie Ginny 

• • • 

Eva Karin 

Look to the day, 

For it is the very life of life. 

In its brief course lie all 

The verities and realities of your 

The glory of action, 
•The bliss of growth. 
The splendor of beauty. 

For yesterday is but a dream 
And tomorrow is only a vision; 
But today well lived makes 
Every yesterday a dream of 

And every tomorrow a vision 

of hope. 
Look veil, therefore, to this day. 
(Author unknown) 

We all love you, Eva. 

Mom and Dad 
• •••••••••••••a* 

To our little girl born in Maine, 
who has her degree in fine arts. 
Wherever you go seeking fortune 

and fame, 
you hold the first place in our hearts. 

Congratulations Alyssia. 

Love, Mom, Jeff, and Emily 


• ••••••• 

• • • 

• • 

• •••••• 

Precious then 

Even more Precious now! " * 

Wow! Meryn what a great* • 

trip it has been-you have 

made your dream come 

true. We are so proud of 


Our Love forever, 
Mom, Dad, and Keith 


We are so very proud 
of you an all your 
accomplishments. Our 
love and support are 
with you as you 
make your way into 
the bright and 
promising future. 

Love y 

Mom, Dad, Pete and Sable 


I # 


We are very proud of you! 
May all your dreams come true. 
God bless. 


You did ii, Leah! 


Our love, 

Dad, Mom, and Shane 





We are so proud of youl 

You warm many hearts just by being youl 

Ml our love, Mom & Dad 

J-i Follow your dreamsl Love, Todd r-4 L 



We always knew you had one goal in 

mind and now we know you've stuck with it. 

We love you. Keep up the good work. 

Love Mom, Dad, Katy, and Kenny 

Dearest Sarah, 
I don't know how we were so lucky 
to be blessed with a daughter like you. 
Watching you grow up into such a 
beautiful person has given us so much 
pleasure. We wish you all the happiness 

life has to offer. 

Love, Mom & Dad 


Congratulations Karen! 

We are so very proud of you, 
and we wish you great success 
grad school and in life. 

ss in 

Love, Mom, Dad, Cindie, Dude, & Snowball 

You are the greatest sister! We love you. 

Nate, Eli, & Rachel 


You were a beautiful 

baby who's grown into 

a lovely woman. 

I am so very proud of 

you and all your 


I love you. 



JLS 14/ bis / / L\sL4y 

We love you and are very proud of who 
you are and of your accomplishments. 

Thank you for the countless wonderful 
memories. We look forward to many 

Remember: Binkee Power, Bee-Zee, 
swimming, scouts, writing, "your sash," 
piano, singing, Nissan, Trifocals, BB, 
Duck, and of course-Bun. 


Mom & Dad 
Thad & Alex 
Sam & Suzee 


We are so proud of 
you! Enjoy your 
you deserve them. 
With loving wishes 
for your future! 

Mom & Dad 


If you want 
it, go get it! 

Love, Dad 

Congratulations Courtney! 

Thanks for sharing your joy, love, and laughter 
with us. We love you and are so proud of you. 

Mom, Dad, & Burke 


Tvfler, vjow've just txme it 

Bvrt tfoWt 51VC wp the chase 

for nothing lies between 

VjOVI atifc> Vjour SOal$ 

Bvrt conquerable space. 

We love vfow ! 

We are Prowi> of v|owf 


Mommvj, Dat>t>v{, Spewcer 

Kcwbel, Harper & Zavpic 

* %M W 



Co ngratulatio ns 

We are so proud of all that you have 
accomplished. As you continue your 
pursuit for a career, remember your 
mistakes so you don 't repeat them. 
Remember your successes so you can 
build on them. Most of all remember 
we love you. Mom & Dad. 

I love you too Mommy. 


jLX sCCll jLJyYlfl JTlLyClVi 

Dear Becky, 

We are proud of all your accomplishments. 
We offer you our love and support as you claim 
a piece of the future to make your own. 
Mazel Tov! 

Lots of Love, 
Mom, Dad, and Ben 

Dear Lisa, 

Congratulations'. We always know 
you could do it! You 've made us 
very proud. We wish you 
continued success and happiness in 
the years ahead. 

Love, Mom & Dad 
Ronnie, Querino, 
Chris & Diana 

Kendra Marie 


Love, Mom, Dad, 
Colleen & Guido 



We love you and are proud of you. We 
know you will be a success in whatever 
you do. God Bless. 

Love, Mom & Dad 

You've always made us so 
proud of you and all you've 
accomplished. We wish 
you continued success and 

Love & Congratulations 
Dad, Mom, and Courtney 

Congratulations to 
\ebecca Abbie 

We are so very proud of all 
your accomplishments. 

With our love and support, 
Lexie, Mom, & Gram 


We are very proud of you and 

know that you will find much success 

and happiness in the future! 

With love always, 

Mom, Dad, Tricia, and Shane 


to Valerie! 

We're so proud 
of you. 

Love, Mom, Dad, 
Rich, Joe, 
Dom, Joane, and 


Congrats!... Elizabeth, Liz, 
Lizzie, Wiz, Zoe, "Dawta 
Like Butta," Sista, Lizard... 

With all our love and pride 
to you for all you have 
accomplished and for all 
you mean to us!!!!! 

Mom, Dad, EJ, Sis, Gram & Grandad, Pop-pop & 
Grandma, Jason, Brian, Uncle Rob, Aunt Judy, 
Auntie D, Chris, The Rusticos, The Fobergs, and 
The Deveaus 



i r 


You 've come 

a long 

way, Baby!!!!! 

And we are so 
very proud!!!!! 

Love, Mom, Dad, 
& Erin 


We are so 
| proud of you 

and wish 
\ you a happy 
| future. 

| Love, Mom, 

|j Z)^ 

II and Shana 

Congratulations to 

our beloved 

We are so proud of your 
accomplishments. May your 
hopes and dreams continue to 
come true. 

Love, Mom & Dad 

Dear Laura, 

You have always made us 
| so proud and happy. We 
| love you and hope all your 

dreams come true. 

Love and Congratulations, 
Mom, Dad, Danny, 
Grammy, and Grampy 

*v : '"§>$ 

Dear Milly, 

Congratulations to you on this 
great achievement. You have 
; ,, endured and overcome a great deal 
fA'i to reach this point in your life. 
Success will always be in your 
future. You have a very proud 
family both here in America and 
in Vietnam. Good luck from 
all who love you...p.s. let's go 
to Saigon. 



Congratulations! Keep on 
smiling. Your style, charm, 
and grace will always shine. 
You are a wonderful example 
for your brothers. I love 
you and wish you nothing 
but success in your future. 

Love you, 

Mom, Jonathan, Jayson 

Co ngratulatio ns 

When you started college, you 
were determined to graduate with 
a nursing degree. Well, you did 
it! But you didn't just get by, you 
gave it your all for four years and 
you let nothing get in your way. 
You showed me and everyone else 
what dedication is all about. I am 
so proud of the effort you put 
forth. I wish you the best because 
you deserve the best. 

Love, Richie 

■. ■■■ ■ 

■r-ram. i ■ ■ ■■. 




r a 




~, , 

^ %'■:-,:':" 

C" ""■ .-., ■ ■■■• , . , ■'■'i 

gag? g: : |g 





. ■ ■■■ 


'""■ ■ ■ 

:::::: || || >. 


■'■'-. i. 

ic-'tir :::;,: 



Sif ::::::: 

Hg llHI 

f , ' 

. ■ ■■■■. 

■ - -■ :■■■ 

«■ *%ifli% '"lis 

__ igt _ Ill 

Uncle Georee 


• • • • 

• ••••••••••••••••••••••••I 




/r^m beginning to end you have 
made us proud and happy 
parents. We congratulate you on 
your accomplishments and 
look forward to your continued 

Love, Mom & Dad 

# I 

• • • • 

• • • • • 9 

• • • 

fj * 

® • • S • * © 

• •••••••• 

• •••••••• 

Congratulations \ 
& Good Luck \ 

Thank You... 

• • • • 

Gold Patrons 

Richard & Linda Pearson 

Ron & Nancy Pinciaro 

Mr. & Mrs. Francis E. Reining 

• • • • 


Robin Sittenl 

Thank you for giving all your 

advice, support, and 
dedication over the years, not 

only as Microcosm's 
Advisor, but as a crucial part 

of the Simmons 

Community. Good luck in 

all your endeavors. 


• • • m\ 

Edward & Carol Krzywda 

Earl e^Rosetta Monroe 

Mr. & Mrs. Todd Misiaszek 

Mr. e^Mrs. Steve L. Gordon III 



r ^^ ' 














? > 

^S^>" '" 










■^.^ X)- 











o ,v> 

ix V 


su «o ) 











/xv2X 4>°" rvO> ^jP" \ 







1 ^ cjlco\ weaorto 
^Qngcu+ -o nee. nfl 
Uh "e.C- O00 fiudc 




/Inn^ - Mar i ^ f kfendnx. - 

-L'm ap\ry* -Vt> (Y1VS5. 
MOD q^ ! 600d 

ate o^l ^ 2P m & 



-W C of 

AC \t> 



7 ^BM 

*?*-*" Bk.4 - 

Up Ia-w^ * >l -h> ) 





Alexis Bishop 
Katie Butler 

Marketing Coordinator 
Layout Editor 

Christine Collins Business Manager 

Kelli Costello Copy Co-Editor 
Carolyn Crowley Art Director/Senior Section Editor 

Diana Hu 

Alyssia Newton 

Beth Sappington 

Robin Sitten 

A special thanks 
to all our staff. 
Thank you 
for your hardwork 
and dedication. 
could not have done it 
without you. 

Angela Hamel 

Erin Henry 

Jill Justin 

Karen Krzywda 

Debra Lary 

Lisa Leccacorvi 

Samantha Mahoney 

Sara Martin 

Amy Merrill 

Copy Co-Editor 
Photography Editor, fall 1995 
Photography Editor, spring 1996 


The Simmons News 
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Dulcinea Misiaszek 
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Caren Orlick Korin Account Consultant, Davor Photography Inc. 

Tom Keeley Customer Service Representatuve, 

Josten's Printing and Publishing 


# * ' 






. mm • . if' 

. ^"'-'' 



Career Services 

Elaine Goldman, Vickie Ball, Danielle Sutto, Kelly Donahue-Carroll. Not 
Pictured: Christine Sullivan, Susanne Velardo. 

Residence Facilities 

Joseph Galanek, Nine Buthee, Kristella Garcia, Nancy Entler 


Residence Life 

Beth Mahoney, Sally Stephens, Margaret Walker 


Above: Members of the track and cross-country teams pose for a 
group shot. 


There were only two runners this year from 
Simmons who made it to the NCAA 
1995 New England Championships. 
With the expertise of coach Eleonora Mendonca, 
Sarah Frost and Gwen Bradley, both freshmen, 
made great improvements throughout the season. 
With a lot of hard work and determination, best 
times were posted by both of the girls. 
There were many highlights of the season. One 
was dancing in the Steakhouse parking lot. Others 
were Sarah's First place finish at the University of 
Massachusetts at Dartmouth and Gwen's personal 
best at the NCAA championships. 
Every course had different terrain and the weather 
was never the same, but the two girls took on hills, 
rain, mud and rocks and always came out smiling. 
Congratulations on a great season, Sarah and 

-Sarah Frost 

Above: All the hard work in 
practice really pays off during 

Pushing ahead in the relay event 
is the ultimate example of 


\ , c^eKend 

Above: Seniors and 
sophomores are happy to 
spend time with the men 
who have been important 
in their lives. 

Right: Everyone had fun 
dancing the night away at 
the Royal Sonasta. 

Below: Sophomore Gwen 
Marshak poses for a picture 
with her "date" for the 

Simmons annual Father/Daughter 
weekend was once again a 
success. The weekend in February is 
a time during which seniors and sopho- 
mores get to spend time with and appreci- 
ate the men who have had significant 
impacts on their lives. In most cases fathers 
(but in some cases uncles, family friends, 
and even friends' fathers) and daughters got 
the chance to spend time together and 
enjoy the city. The high-light of the 
weekend was the Father/Daughter dinner- 
dance held at the Royal Sonasta Hotel on 
Saturday night. 


The 4th Annual Women's Talent 
Night was held in Quadside Cafe 
on March 20. Simmons women 
had the opportunity to show off their 
talents and compete for prizes. Acts 
ranged from singing to dancing to even 
story-telling. The tradition of Women's 
Talent Night began as a part of Women's 
Week, a celebration with, in the words of 
the Feminist Union here at Simmons, 
"the vision of spotlighting the strengths 
and collective wisdom of our community 
here at Simmons." 

Right: Neith Preston takes the 

Below: Debbie Luce shows off 
her guitar-skills. 



ons cup 

Above: Competitors in the "Chubby Bunny" competition, which 
involves sticking as many marshmallows into your mouth at one time, 
probably won't be eating many marshmallows for a little while. 

Below: Though the weekend kicked off on Friday night with the 
scavenger hunt and banner-design competition, most of the actvities 
took place on Saturday. The mattress pile-up kicked off the events as 
teams tried to stack as many people on one mattress as they possibly 

The competition at this 
year's Simmons Cup, the 
annual competition in 
which the Residence Halls 
team up with a local frater- 
nity, was fierce; so fierce 
that their is still argument 
over who won the weekend. 
While it was originally 
calculated that South and 
Evans (who chose to work 
together because of their 
size in comparison to the 
other halls) took first place, 
it was later determined that 
there was an error in adding 
the scores and Arnold Hall 
won. But more importantly 
everyone who took part in 
the weekend had a blast. 


r. simmon 

Men are given the spotlight and the 
chance to strut their stuff during the 
annual Mr. Simmons competition. 
South Hall sponsors this mock beauty pageant in 
which organizations sponsor contestants who 
compete in categories ranging from swimsuit to 
talent and, for the three finalists, a question- 
answer period. This year's talent segment 
featured an amazing accoustical song by Mr. 
Simmons Hall, a seductive poetry-reading by 
Mr. BSO, and a wacky cooking demonstration 
on how to make "Spam-cakes." The night was, 
as usual, an amazing success but more impor- 
tantly the profits went to help fight the battle 
against domestic violence. 

Above: Mr. BSO proudly wears his crown after being 
named 1996's Mr. Simmons. 

Left: The soon-to-be Mr. Simmons shows off during 
the swimsuit competition. 

Below: The talent segment gets just plain silly! 



Above: Making picture frames and light-switch covers 
brought out artistic talents in everyone. 

Left: Mmm, doesn't that cotton candy look delicious? 

Below: Help, I'm stuck! 

"T TT Then can you find a velcro wall in the 
\ X / middle of the Simmons Residence Cam- 
V V pus Quad? During Spring Spree, of 
course! This crazy weekend, held this year on April 
26-28 is a great spring-time break from the stress of 
the semester. The carnival atmosphere lets everyone 
act like a kid again and enjoy everything from cotton 
candy to bouncing up and down in an inflatable 


recognition ceremony 

The annual Student Leadership 
Recognition Ceremony demon- 
strates an amazing quality that 
many women at Simmons seem to have 
in common. Regardless of their beliefs, 
backgrounds, and even personalities, so 
many women have stepped above and 
beyond their commitment to the college 
and have proved themselves to be 
leaders. The Leadership Recognition 
Ceremony takes time to appreciate these 
women for all they have given to the 
school and to encourage them to con- 
tinue to grow as leaders. 

Above left: Two members of the Sirens pose for a picture. 
Left: Senior Trelane Clarke receives an award from President 

Below: Student Government President Jill Justin takes time to 
Ml appreciate student leaders for their commitment to the student 


i_ser or/racult 

Before they were to become alums of 
Simmons College, members of the 
senior class gathered with faculty 
members at the Senior/Faculty Banquet held 
during Senior Week. Bartol Hall was deco- 
rated for the occasion as soon-to-be graduates 
and staff members sat together by depart- 
ments to celebrate the end of their four years 
here. Awards were presented to outstanding 
seniors in each department. 

Above: Smiles 
carried seniors 
through their 
final days at 

Right: A toast to 
the Class of 

Below: Seniors 
and faculty 
members spend a 
fun, final evening 


recognition ceremony^ 

Above: Coach Maureen McCormack recognizes 
members of the Basketball team. 

Left: Members of the soccer team listen intently. 

Below: Director of Athletics, Ali Kantor, presents an 
award to Senior Dulicinea Misiaszek, a dedicated 
member and driving force behind the Swim team. 

The Conference Center was the center of the 
celebration in honor of all the women athletes 
at Simmons. The Athlete Recognition 
Ceremony gives coaches and teams a time to be 
noticed and appreciated for all the blood, sweat, and 
tears they put into their practices, meets, races, and 
games. Members from all teams-Tennis, Swimming 
and Diving, Cross-Country, Track, Volleyball, 
Basketball, Soccer, Field Hockey and Crew- took part 
in the event. 


Above: Commencement Ball co-chairs, Cindy Crandall and 
Lang Downing enjoy the evening after all their hard work. 

The Commencement Ball provided 
seniors with the opportunity to 
get dressed up and spend time 
together before graduation. Amidst the 
bustle of fancy dresses, the Ball was a time 
to celebrate new beginnings for the Class 
of 1996. The Ball was just one of the 
many events of Senior Week which 
allowed seniors to celebrate together and 
enjoy the city of Boston. 

Left: Though it was a time to celebrate, the 
Commencement Ball also made people realize that 
it was time to say goodbye. 


Above: These two happy seniors took a 
few minutes away from celebrating to 
pose for a picture! 

Above: The Class of 1996 got crazy and had a 
great time during their final week at Simmons. 

Left: There were very few who weren't twisting 
and shouting along with their classmates out on 
the dance floor. 

Below: Diana Hu and Kate Nocivelli, both 
concentrators in the Communications Depart- 
ment, show what good friends they grew to be 
over the past four years. 



Above: Liz Walker receives her 
Honorary Degree from President 
Dan Cheever. 

Left: Time to celebrate!!!! 

Right: Jessica Shipps speaks to her fellow classmates. 


Above: Nothing can beat this feeling of 

There wasn't a cloud in sight as the Class 
of 1996 held their Commencement 
exercises behind the Main Campus 
Building on Sunday, May 19. WBZ-TV 
Channel 4 anchor-woman Liz Walker gave the 
Commencement Address at the 91st Com- 
mencement at Simmons College. She re- 
minded graduates to be strong but to remem- 
ber the important things in life as she told them 
"To not forget the kid." Marilyn Bousquin, 
who received her Masters of Arts in Children's 
Literature, gave farewell remarks on behalf of 
members of the Graduate Programs at 
Simmons while Jessica Shipps spoke on behalf 
of the Undergraduate College. Honorary 
degrees were presented to Sophie Freud '48 
(Doctor of Social Work), Lawrence Langer 
(Doctor of Humane Letters), Gail Levin '69 
(Doctor of Letters), and Liz Walker (Doctor of 

Above: Members of the Class of 1996 give Liz Walker a standing 



a vomen s conege 


<* r»i K 


> _J ° 
5 o g < 

: x * ! 
3 i 

CO ( 

i m UJ > 
> > 

2 K 
x u 




c < 

'he Student Government Association helcj p* 

the first annual Women's College Cel I 

ebration on May 1 . Dean Shelia Murph* » 

spoke on the past, present, and future of women" o 

colleges. The first annual Molly Pitcher Day wa5 

also held that day. Dorothea Dix was this year's ii 

honoree. In 1993, the Office of Continuing 

Education, changed their name to The Dorothea ™ w 

» > > 

Lynde Dix Scholars Program because "The life oj g «2 
Dorothea Lynde Dix represents a pattern of 
lifelong learning and personal growth." 
















Above: Lisa Leccacorvi, SGA Secretary, sits at an 
information table about Molly Pitcher and the 
Women's College Celebration. 

Above: Dean of Student \ 

Life Sheila Murphy speat m 
about the importance oft < 

being educated at a 
women's college. J 

Left: SGA members, Jill] 
Justin, Nicole St. Clair, Ij 
Leccacorvi, Sarah Gove, 3 
and Katie Butler model 
their "Someday a womar 
will be PRESIDENT!" i